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Netflix releases a documentary on COVID-19 called ‘Coronavirus: Explained’

Not that we needed to be reminded of the virus that has put our entire lives on hold for 2020.

Netflix has given a calling card to everyone who binged-watched Contagion as the world went into pandemic mode with its new documentary on the coronavirus.

Titled Coronavirus, Explained, the feature is produced by Vox, the publication and the group behind Netflix’s Explained series, with standalone works like Sex, Explained, The Mind, Explained and more.

coronavirus explained
Photo credit: Netflix

At 26 minutes, the documentary charts the beginning, middle, and unforeseen end of the very uncertain time we live in right now in bite-sized chunks. It canvasses the globe and the responses national leaders have given to the virus, both the highs and lows.

It explores the data we have so far on the virus and how it spread, including “what-if” scenarios on how lockdown could’ve played out to cull the virus. The documentary also retroactively spotlights where humanity has fallen short with practices that enabled the virus to burgeon as it did.

What is especially impressive is the stock of interviews it has from experts that span Bill Gates to Dr Peter Daszak, the president of the Ecohealth Alliance. Many of these interviews were sourced in the spring of 2019 when the production team were putting together an explainer on pandemics after the likes of Gates warned against one impending.

“So of all the viruses out there, why did this one become the kind of pandemic we haven’t seen in more than a century? And how does a pandemic like this end?” is the big question that looms throughout the documentary. While the answers are still inconclusive, this macrocosmic view of our lives under COVID-19 thus far does offer an educated perspective on the essentials we need to know in order to continue adjusting to this new normal.

Watch the documentary here.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

Netflix releases a documentary on COVID-19 called ‘Coronavirus: Explained’

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