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Feng shui icon Dato’ Joey Yap spills the tea on how you can prosper in 2021

In a Bar-Talks session on Bar-United recently, feng shui master Dato’ Joey Yap shared tips on how you can generate more income in 2021.

Dato’ Joey Yap doesn’t mince words when doling out feng shui tips, which is why you need to pay extra attention when he tells you that he has ways on how you can increase your income in the Year of the Ox. As one of the guests on Bar-United’s Bar Talks session, he spoke at length on useful tips to prosper financially in 2021 and also mentioned several zodiac signs that would do especially well this year.

Read on for some solid tips on how you can generate more income in 2021, and we have a little tidbit at the end of this article on which zodiac signs will be financially lucky in the Year of the Ox.

Have the power to sell

Yap advises us to have the power to sell, whether it’s your brand identity, a product, or a service. “If you have the power to sell, your income is proportionate to the item and value of the service you’re selling. If it’s a high-price item, your income will be high. You’re no longer dependent on time to exchange it for money — you’re dependent on skills to exchange for money.”

Be an intrapreneur

So you want to be an entrepreneur but you lack the resources to leave your full-time job and take the risk. Go the halfway mark and be an intrapreneur instead. For the uninitiated, an intrapreneur is an employee who develops an innovative idea or project within the company. “Say you have this great idea but don’t have the resources to make it happen. Pitch it to your management, spearhead it, and ask for a cut of the profits. You’re still in the company but you’re stepping out of your comfort zone to become half the entrepreneur,” advises Yap. Baby steps are all it takes to one day be a full-fledged entrepreneur.

Learn a new skillset

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Most of us are already equipped with the skill sets that we’ve acquired through higher education or work experience. But in 2021, Yap says that we should all learn something new — preferably a skillset that will help you develop extra income streams. His recommendations? High-level sales, the ability to write and sell, online digital marketing, and being able to speak well on live video conferences.

Have a side gig

Getting your income from just your day job is so passé. These days, every other person has a side gig to help them earn extra money. Whether it’s a side business or a passion project that sells, doing something unrelated to your day job will help you make additional income. The secret to developing a side gig, says Yap, is speed. Be quick on the uptake of trends and execution, and your side business will flourish.

Stay creative

Now this was a tip Yap couldn’t stress hard enough. He says that the most successful people in the world are the ones who never stop creating. “Think of the unhappiest, most bitter, and miserable people you know and ask yourself: ‘What have they created?’ Nothing,” he declares. “Human beings like creating things, and it’s in our nature to create…the most successful and happy people are those who create.”

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Want to be more creative this year? Head to the northeast section of your home. “If you want new ideas or want to think of new ways to do things, use this section of your house. Make sure it’s in the main area of your home and not inside a room. That will be the spot where you’ll do most of your thinking,” he says.

Which zodiac signs will flourish in the Year of the Ox?

The five zodiac signs that will have more opportunities than the rest this year, says Yap, are (in no specific order) the Dog, Rooster, Monkey, Tiger, and Dragon. These five signs won’t be the richest in 2021, but they will have more opportunities to succeed than others — all they need to do is work a little bit harder and they’ll be good, says Yap.

However, the signs that will get more money-related opportunities are the Snake, Rat, and Monkey. “But they’re also the ones who will have it more difficult this year. It’s going to be a tougher and busier year because they’re wealthier. They will need to work hard to receive money-related opportunities,” he says.

For more live sessions featuring prominent figures in Malaysia, head to Bar-United, the online bar platform created by Chivas Malaysia.

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