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11 new movies and shows on Netflix and more in September that are worth the binge

Get your popcorn and snacks ready; it’s time to add these new movies and shows to your watchlist this month. 

As we enter a new month, your nights will be filled with new adventures and characters to fall in love with. This month, we’re mixing it up with intriguing releases from favourite shows such as Money Heist, Lucifer, Sex Education and more. If you grew up loving Space Jam, you would enjoy the sequel coming up on HBO Go. Last but not least, Fox Movies has films lined up anything from sci-fi to action to fill your evenings with suspense and escapades. Are you ready? Mark your calendars.



new movies september
Image credit: Netflix


Premiering on 10 September

Five friends set out for a hiking trip to celebrate Roman’s (played by David Kross) bachelor party, albeit the celebration didn’t last long. When gunshots were fired, they realised there were hunters hidden in the woods, falling prey to a mysterious shooter in a bid for survival. 


new movies september

Money Heist Part 5: Volume 1

Premiering on 3 September

The end of La Casa de Papel is (almost) here. The final season will premiere in two parts – with five episodes airing on 3 September and the remaining five on 3 December. The riveting tale will bring us to witness a difficult position in the Professor’s gang. With the Professor captured by Sierra, and the gang cordoned inside the Bank of Spain with no escape plan – where does their fate lie? 

new movies september

Lucifer: The Final Season 

Premiering on 10 September

Things are coming to an end as we approach the series’ sixth and final season. The series takes off as Lucifer Morningstar prepares for his role as God – but does he really want the job though? 

new movies september
Image credit: Netflix

Sex Education: S3

Premiering on 17 September

Your favourite characters are back. Season three takes us to the arrival of a new headteacher who tries to control the school and the student body. Will we get to delve deeper into Otis and Maeve’s relationship this season? Are we ready for more hilarious moments from Eric and Otis? I guess we will find out as we look forward to more rib-tickling moments.

new movies september

Dear White People S4

Premiering on 22 September

Class is back in session, and sadly, their final year at Winchester approaches too. Netflix’s comedy Dear White People is coming to an end, and is prepared to offer the fans a whirlwind adventure filled with drama, affairs and hints of ‘90s musicals.

new movies september
Image credit: Netflix

On the Verge

Premiering on 7 September

Here’s something that will touch your heart. On the Verge follows four friends – a chef, a single mom, an heiress and a job seeker – in their late 40s, who use this opportunity for a personal reinvention, while searching for love in midlife crises. 


new movies september
Image credit: HBO

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Premiering on 3 September

If you loved Space Jam, then you would want to tune in to Space Jam: A New Legacy. Superstar LeBron James and his son, Dom, are trapped in digital space. To return, he teams up with Bugs Bunny and friends for a mean game of basketball. 

Fox Movies 

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Premiering on Monday, 6 September at 9 PM (Astro CH 413, Unifi TV CH 401)

This comedy-horror will make you wonder about the existence of werewolves. Follow police officer John Marshall (played by Jim Cummings), as he tries to solve the mystery of dead bodies showing up after each full moon. Will he crack this case in time? 

Run Hide Fight 

Premiering on Saturday, 11 September at 9 PM (Astro CH 413, Unifi TV CH 401)

High school student Zoe Hull (played by Isabel May) must use her wits, compassion and survival skills to keep herself and classmates alive when an active shooter terrorises her school. 

What Lies Below

Premiering on Thursday, 13 September at 9 PM (Astro CH 413, Unifi TV CH 401)

If you’re in the mood for horror flicks, this could be it for you. This coming-of-age film follows the life of 16-year-old Liberty, who returns home from camp to find a stranger in her home. She discovers that her mother has a new boyfriend who seems too good to be true. In this case, almost too perfect to be human. 


new movies september
Namibia – Eden (Season 1, Episode 2) / Image Credit: BBCA

Eden: Untamed Planet

Premiering on Friday, 17 September at 8.05 PM (Unifi TV CH 501 and BBC Player)

Get ready to immerse yourself by discovering Earth’s remaining untouched lands. Eden: Untamed Planet takes us to the beautiful corners of the planet with a glimpse of breathtaking landscapes. Bonus points: the show is also narrated by Actress Helena Bonham Carter. 

Hero & Featured image credit: Netflix

11 new movies and shows on Netflix and more in September that are worth the binge

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