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Pokémon releases YouTube cooking videos featuring Pikachu and Jigglypuff

The Pokémon Company released a three-episode cooking series on YouTube titled Sweet Winter With Pokémon, where Charmander, Psyduck, Jigglypuff and Pikachu join the host to prepare sweet treats. While the first episode was released on 15 February, the last one was aired on 22 February.

Fans of baking and the cartoon will love the day-in-life-themed videos, as they showcase a mix of real-world footage with CG-generated Pokémon.

Read on to know more about the Pokémon cooking videos on YouTube:

What does the first episode include?

Pokémon cooking videos

The Pokémon Company has joined hands with Nisshokuki, a Chinese YouTube cooking channel, for this series. Featuring three dialogue and narration-free cooking videos, the series uses relaxing cooking sounds, music and Pokémon chatter, and showcases recipes to prepare delicious treats.

In the first video, Nisshokuki’s Jan Laodao wakes up to find the Pokémons in his hallway. He then goes on to prepare a cappuccino in a Pokéball-themed mug, garnished with an Eevee design.

Finally, he gets down to making Pokémon-themed cream puffs, filled with Pikachu-coloured custard under their supervision. He then topped them with Pikachu’s ears, eyes, mouth and rosy cheeks.

However, while Pikachu is ecstatic to see the final version of the cream puffs, Jigglypuff feels left out. The chef then quickly makes a variant with pink cream cheese milk filling and similar toppings.

About the other episodes

The second video features fruit tarts and pizzettas that are decorated with Pokémon motifs, including Rowlet and Pokéball.

In the final video, the host takes viewers through the recipes for making traditional Japanese sweets. Shiratama dumplings, baked sweet potatoes and sweet chestnuts feature in this episode.

In an adorable gesture towards the host, Psyduck uses his psychic powers and fixes an unplugged power cord outside the host’s home. In return, the host whips up a delicious treat for him.


Main and Featured images: mentatdgt/Pexels. The story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong

Anurupa Sen

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