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We rank the popularity of K-pop in every country by numbers of tweets

If it is trending, it must be hot. To break down K-pop’s popularity worldwide, we have come up with an ingenious gauge.

K-pop is a hot topic on Twitter. The social network revealed that 7.5 billion tweets about the topic were posted in one year across its platform. A phenomenon that is getting bigger every year. So what are countries where users talk the most about K-pop on Twitter with the hashtag #KpopTwitter?

With a new record for number of tweets with the hashtag #KpopTwitter, the Korean pop fan community is powerful on the social network. Twitter revealed on its blog the top 20 countries where fans talk about their passion online the most and those with the largest number of fans on Twitter.

In 2020, Indonesia was already dominating the top 20 countries where people were talking about this kind of music on Twitter. The Philippines gained two places at the expense of Thailand, which dropped to third place, thus making South Korea fall off the podium!

However, little changes in the top 20 in terms of the countries with the largest number of K-pop fans on Twitter. While Indonesia remains the country with the most Korean pop fans, Japan nearly catches up with second place while France gains two places to reach 14th.

Concerning the most mentioned artists, it is no surprise that the legendary group BTS takes first place, which it already held in 2020, followed by NCT and female group Blackpink.

Top 20 countries by volume of tweets with the hashtag #KpopTwitter 2020-2021

1. Indonesia

2. Philippines

3. Thailand

4. South Korea

5. United States

6. Brazil

7. Malaysia

8. Mexico

9. Japan

10. India

11. Argentina

12. Peru

13. United Kingdom

14. Vietnam

15. Turkey

16. France

17. Chile

18. Canada

19. Saudi Arabia

20. Singapore

Top 20 countries with the most K-pop fans on Twitter

1. Indonesia

2. Japan

3. Philippines

4. South Korea

5. United States

6. Brazil

7. Thailand

8. Mexico

9. Malaysia

10. India

11. Turkey

12. Argentina

13. United Kingdom

14. France

15. Spain

16. Saudi Arabia

17. Canada

18. Vietnam

19. Peru

20. Colombia


Hero and feature images by YG Entertainment. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews