Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2018 is once again upon us. From the 8th till the 12th of August, be prepared to see an avalanche of local and other Asian designers showing off their latest collections on the runway, flanked by equally gorgeous models. Show-goers will be dressed to the nines, and Pavilion KL will be filled with the most stylish people for five whole days. We absolutely cannot wait.

To give you a little snippet of what’s going to happen at the upcoming KL Fashion Week 2018, we had a little chat with some of our favourite up-and-coming designers that will be showing during the week. From Cassey Gan to Kit Woo, here’s what they have to say about their collections.

Cassey Gan

Cassey Gan’s mood board inspired by the works of painter, David Hockney.

Cassey Gan breathes prints. The works of David Hockey and the controlled chaotic brush strokes in his paintings have inspired her upcoming collection for KLFW2018 — Moving Viewpoint. “I, for one, am really inspired by the spirit of nationalism and patriotism demonstrated throughout the entire country and wanted to create a collection that commemorates that. Hence, this collection is bold in prints, colourful and embodies a hopeful and optimistic spirit,” the engineer-turned-fashion-designer explains.

Cassey’s silhouettes in the latest collection are bolder, brighter and most-colourful compared to all her previous looks.

She describes her collection as bold, intricate and cheerful; with nothing less than bold prints and a clever mix of playful patterns — synonymous to her signature style. Her designs have always been a harmonious play between colours, patterns and plains; creating an unconventional yet easy-to-wear composition for those seeking a relaxed yet stylish edge. Gan will also showcase a new range of bags that highlights her flamboyant design aesthetics. Look out for the creative accessories and headpieces by local milliner, Bremen Wong, which will be complementing Gan’s pieces.

She adds: “This will be the most colourful and print-heavy collection yet.”

Cassey Gan will be presenting her collection on Saturday, 11 August 2018 at 3.00PM.

Kit Woo

kl fashion week 2018
Some major teases for Kit Woo’s upcoming collection at KLFW 2018.

“The collection is inspired by a Brazillian artist named Lucas Simões — specifically his ‘White Lies’ sculpture series. Based on my interpretation of the sculpture merging softness and sturdiness, I’ll showcase some conceptual pieces and present my core DNA of deconstruction and reconstruction to create unevenness, unfamiliar forms, and hints of surprises.

People have been telling me that I need more designs that can compliment my statement pieces, hence in this collection, I will have garments that are designed to work well together with them, as well as by itself. I suppose you can say that this season, my targeted area of improvement is ‘wearability’.

I hope that when viewers see my collection this time, they can say to themselves: “I can wear that and pull it off.” It’s something that I am still trying to convince people of. We regular people should be more confident in what we want to wear.”

Kit Woo will be presenting his designs on Saturday, 11 August 2018 at 5.00PM.


“Unlike our previous made-to-measure collections, this time around it will be a ready-to-wear collection with a lot of layering and pieces that you can mix and match around.

Fiziwoo’s silhouette will be fenestrated with glorious flowers.

My collection is a tribute to the people who lost their lives during the ‘Hundred Flowers Movement’ during the communist era in China. It places a heavy emphasis on floral motifs and embellishments to reflect the souls that were lost then. Every single flower that is used is a tribute to a soul that was lost.”

Fiziwoo will be presenting their looks on Friday, 10 August 2018 at 9.00PM.


Will we be seeing more sculpted sleeves from A-Jane this year?

“My music is the main source of my inspiration for this collection. The concept of ‘Neue Musik’ is abrasive, nearly inaudible, repetitive, and incomprehensible. I want to connect and apply this philosophy and controversy into my latest collection to become what I call ‘New Fashion’,” she shares.

The collection is altogether mysterious, whimsical, and very much me. It’s named ‘Repetition’ because it’s all about exploring the conflicts between the norm and the new, to discover that there is no repetition even when it may appear to be that way.

A-Jane will be presenting her collection on Thursday, 9 August 2018 at 3.00PM.

(Featured images: Cassey Gan)