Chinese baijiu brand Jiangxiaobai has recently established itself as one of the frontrunners of the baijiu making industry with the latest win by Latvian bartender, Andris Reizenbergs who clinched the title Bartender of the Year at the recently concluded World Cocktail Championships 2019 by The International Bartenders Association in Chengdu, China. His winning cocktail, made using Jiangxiaobai Hand-craft Black Label Graffiti Edition, won the hearts of the judges in the competition that focused only on baijiu-based cocktails this year. On top of that, Jiangxiaobai has been a strong advocate for promoting baijiu to a wider audience -- the younger generation in particular -- both locally and globally through exciting collaborations and events such as guest bartending shifts. Its most recent one was between Michael D Callahan from Employees Only in Singapore and local Chinese bartender Peter Chan, who presented a beautiful marriage of east meets west with signature J-Mix cocktails exclusively using Jiangxiaobai baijiu. Scroll through the gallery for more. (All images: Jiangxiaobai)
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