When we say the fitness community is strong, it’s not just physical.

The pandemic has definitely affected us more than we thought. The severe and long lockdowns have caused many to lose their jobs and businesses — which is their main source of income. And mental health? Even more so is affected, we dare say — with 468 suicide cases reported nationwide from January to May 2021, 117 just in Selangor alone. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the whole situation. If not now, when would be a better time for us to #KitaJagaKita?

You can always choose to donate funds or meals to NGOs, food banks or even personally help those you find waving the white flag. No help is too little or too much. There are all kinds of virtual events planned out by Malaysians to help and encourage others to do their part. And here’s one for you to join — even more so if you are into rhythmic cycling.

As the lockdown forces the closure of gyms and fitness studios in KL, this group of rhythmic cycling instructors didn’t let that dampen their spirits. Together; Shanice Wong, Adeline Kong, Darren Ong, Elicia Chin, Faith Rundi, Janell Tan, Lana Lang, Priscilla Yee and Yi Suen have come up with a fundraiser showcase, “Ride For A Cause”. Initiated by Shanice, “Ride For A Cause” is a 45-minutes Rhythmic Cycling performance. It is open virtually to the public, those who donate will get an exclusive link to join via Zoom and cycle along with these fitness personalities. Even if you don’t have an indoor cycling bike, you can always choose to donate and hang out with the team online during the session.

“Ride For A Cause” is open for donations from now until the 18th of July 2021, which you can do so by clicking here. The charity ride will commence on the 18th of July, at 11.00 am. Zoom links will be sent to those who have successfully donated and registered to attend the showcase.

100% of the collected funds will go to Chin Women Organization (CWO) school for Chin refugees to cover rental, food and access to education. The pandemic has forced CWO to close its school, leading to the loss of its main food sponsor and loss of jobs for their families. Refugees are often overlooked in trying times such as these, as assisted funds and support are mainly channelled towards the locals. The children at CWO have no access to online learning, as they do not have the technological tools to support such as computers, laptops or even tablets.

There is no minimum amount of donation but for every RM55 donated, the amount will help CWO to purchase one food box where one box feeds a family of four for approximately one to two weeks.

Date: 18 July 2021 (Sunday)

Time: 11.00 AM

Platform: Zoom
A link will be shared with those who have successfully donated and registered to attend the showcase

Cause: Raising funds for refugees affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Organisation: Chin Women Organization (CWO)

Donation platform: https://ride-to-support.raisely.com/

Visit Ride For Cause website for more info. Ride For A Cause organiser, Shanice Wong, can be contacted at shanicewong365@gmail.com.

Jolin Lee
Unlike most modern-day millennials, Jolin does not need caffeine or alcohol to power through the day (and night). Her eye for beauty is as sharp as her eyeliner flick, and she can spot your unblended eye makeup from a mile away.