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Live the good life in Kuala Lumpur with our first #LSAGoodLifeBox

A curated box that best represents how to live the good life in Kuala Lumpur.

When we thought the worst is over for the pandemic, how wrong were we? Positive covid cases have been soaring high the past few weeks despite the lockdown. Entertainment and dining outlets are still closed for visits and dine-ins. We’ve not been able to experience what Kuala Lumpur has to offer for the last couple of months, or even visiting new cafes and restaurants like we always do. Times are different and we’re still pretty much adapting.

As a guide to how you can live the best life in Kuala Lumpur, we have translated those experiences into our first #LSAGoodLifeBox. Even with the ongoing lockdown, life shouldn’t just stop there. For the debut edition of the Good Life Box, we’ve included essentials and products that would make staying at home a little more comfortable.

Products include coffee kit from De’Longhi, mug from BONIA, skincare products from KOSÉ, face masks from Volvo, pillowcases from Sunday Bedding, loungewear from OXWHITE and more — each to provide comfort and also activities that you can do at home.

We sent 10 of these Good Life Boxes to 10 lucky receivers, stay tuned to find out who!

Check out where you can get these items down below.


Turn every dining experience into a luxurious one with BONIA’s latest tableware collection. The Peninsula series is inspired by Melaka’s rich culture, incorporating recognisable Peranakan prints into its motifs. The series includes a tea set, 8″ and 10.5″ plates, and a mug that are made from Bone China. Each of them is created to ensure you have the most pleasant-looking dining experience every time.

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If good and strong coffee is what it takes to keep you going, De’Longhi Classico Whole Coffee Beans is right up your alley. Its beans are carefully selected from regions of South American countries, compromising a classic blend of 50% arabica and 50% robusta coffee beans. A coffee that’s full-bodied, with hints of chocolate and the perfect aroma for all types of coffee drinkers.

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One of KOSÉ’s best-selling products, the SEKKISEI Lotion works as a refreshing herbal lotion that brightens up skin tone. Its light and refreshing texture feels soothing on the skin and calms any redness. It also refines skin pores and reduces UV related and environmental influences that may cause your skin to stress out.

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The next step after SEKKISEI Lotion is SEKKISEI CLEAR WELLNESS Refining Milk. It’s a moisturiser, with ITOWA and Job’s Tears Seed Extract as its key ingredients to condition the moisture barrier of the skin and protect it from enviromental aggresors. It has a silky, lightweight texture that glides on smoothly, allowing its benefits to be absorbed quickly into the skin.

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Lounge at home in the most comfortable set from OXWHITE. The Lounge Set features a rounded neckline top and elastic drawstring pants for ultimate comfort (and freedom to stretch). While it comes in a selection of colours, it’s at 170gsm and made out of 100% combed cotton — making it super comfortable for any weather conditions.

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You can choose to wear it at home or wear it out. This cotton crew neck tee from OXWHITE is suitable for all occasions, no matter indoors or out. Choose from a wide range of colours, each of them designed to fit and suit any style that you’ve already own. It’s made out of quality heavyweight cotton, and it only gets softer and comfortable as time goes by.

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It’s about time we double-mask in this pandemic with the continuous rise of cases. Wear the standard surgical face mask and layer this OXWHITE Breatheasy Face Mask on top. It’s made out of skin-friendly fabric that is soft on the skin, whilst promoting good airflow. It’s treated with certified Ultra Fresh Technology, offering 99% bacterial filtration efficiency. The mask also features adjustable ear loops so you can wear it comfortably according to your size.

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Sleep at ease and comfort with these Sunday Bedding pillowcases. It’s made out of ultra-durable 100% French linen. It may feel slightly coarse at first, but with each wash, it softens and envelops your skin in comfort. This air-washed linen is also great for those with sensitive skin and a must to wash the sheets frequently.

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Sunday Bedding describes its Apoteacary Tea as a therapy in a cup. It’s a caffeine-free tea, infused with herbs, spices and flowers that have been carefully selected for its therapeutic benefits. It helps to improve and physical and emotional well-being by combining Eastern and Western herbal wisdom. The tea has earthy, lightly floral, and lightly citrus notes to ease anxiety and promote calmness.

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