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Making it work: 7 co-working spaces in KL to get productive in

Offices are so Generation X. Clocking in office hours from nine to six five days a week is stifling to most Generation Y and millennials, who crave work flexibility and not be chained to a desk. In fact, these are the generations of employees who first popularised working from Starbucks and later on, hip cafes. Sensing a gap in the market, innovative entrepreneurs invented the concept of co-working spaces.

These co-working spaces give independent employees a conducive space to get things done without needing to top up a latte every few hours. Hot desking, while not a new concept, was the theme in these co-working spaces. The concept entails multiple workers using a single desk or workstation at different periods of time. Users who want to utilise co-working spaces simply need to pay a certain fee and be able to reserve a workstation for a particular period of time.

But why use co-working spaces at all? Other than the flexibility of choosing your own working time, they have most of the amenities that regular offices have: a pantry, stationery, bathrooms, and some even come with showers and gaming areas. If you are a freelancer or owner of a small and medium-sized enterprise, working in one of these spaces will increase your productivity. Given that people from other industries are probably using those co-working spaces too, you have a chance at connecting with them — possibly increasing your network and business opportunities.

The best part? Some of these co-working offices are extremely well-designed, from Colony’s opulent interior to Nomad’s minimal white space. Feeling all pumped up to work? Read on for seven co-working spaces in KL to check out.

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It’s hard to get past the grandeur that is Colony’s interior. The monochromatic fittings, high ceilings, and pretty lights give off an opulent presence, but comfort is key when it comes to productivity at Colony. Located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Kuala Lumpur, Colony was designed for companies with mobile offices in mind. Rather than just a single workstation, companies can book a closed-off, serviced office for their team members to work in comfort. Other amenities include access to a rooftop gym, swimming pool, nap area, massage room, and a cafe.

Colony, Vipod Residences, 6, Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur, +6018-2138086.

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Common Ground

One of the more known brands of co-working spaces in KL, Common Ground shows off its success with four branches in the Klang Valley, and a whopping seven more to come. Not located in KL? No problem. They have plans to open branches in Johor and Penang too. The workspace is not only Instagram-worthy, but also tailored to be conducive. Pick from either hot desking, a fixed desk, or private office options when you sign up for their packages. Water, tea, and coffee are also complimentary and free flow.

Common Ground, Wisma UOA Damansara II, Penthouse 16-1 Level 16, Wisma UOA Damansara Ⅱ, No 6, Changkat Semantan, Kuala Lumpur, +603-2011 9888.

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One of DOJO’s standout features is the Japanese elements they have infused into their concept. For example, the round windows and floor-based seats for some of their workstations. But don’t worry, for they have regular table seats too, as well as conference areas and private rooms. It’s also a conducive space to conduct group events — should you have a major presentation, just book a space at DOJO.

DOJO, Level 1, Menara Amplewest, 6 Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur, +603-2022 3306.

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Nomad is beautifully minimal. The white walls and concrete flooring looks like they’ve come out of a hipster Scandinavian cafe, but really, they’re a co-working space for you to get work done. The location is an unusual one in mostly suburban Subang Jaya, but works well to cater to those living in the area and don’t want to head too far out into the city. With its close vicinity to the nearby colleges, Nomad offers a student packaged price too.

Nomad, No. 7, 1st Floor, SS 18/1B Subang Jaya, +603-56114332.

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The Co.

Fashioned out of a bungalow inside one of Bangsar’s old housing neighbourhoods, The Co. is an industrial architecture lover’s dream. Fashioned with concrete, steel, glass, and lots of greenery, this co-working space is sunny and airy with different packages to suit your working style. They also have partnered with several brands to benefit your time there, including partnerships with Grab, Maybank, Amazon Services, and more.

The Co., 8 Lengkok Abdullah, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, +603 2202 0336.

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Uppercase is one of the OG co-working spaces in KL, and is located within hip space APW in Bangsar. The co-working space is converted from an old paper mill, so you are essentially working inside a former factory. But that all just adds to the cool factor, which this place seems to ooze. Most creatives come here to work, enjoying the abundance of natural light and general easygoing vibe. If you want to know just how laidback this place is, they even have a gaming corner with restored vintage arcade game machines and a foosball table.

Uppercase, 29-07, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, +603-2724 7111.

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WORQ is a large co-working space that won Best Co-working Space Malaysia from the New Entrepreneurs Foundation in 2017 . Companies looking to host small-scale events can do so at WORQ inside its event hall. For those looking for a work space, choose between a few options: hotdesk, get your own designated desk, or have a private suite all to yourself.

WORQ, Unit 3A-01A, Level 3A, Glo Damansara, No. 699, Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, +6010 900 6704.

Making it work: 7 co-working spaces in KL to get productive in

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