It feels just like yesterday when we were counting down to the New Year. While we’re still recovering from the recent festive month, Chinese New Year is up ahead and it’s approaching in full speed.

Here’s what you can do for the time being — keep your skin healthy and youthful with these anti-ageing moisturisers or fill up your cabinet with new ceramics for the celebrations in February. Or perhaps this week’s best stories can give you some inspirations on what to eat, do or visit.


Who better to get style inspirations than from the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ himself. Actor, producer and even DJ, Idris Elba acts and dresses like the epitome of a modern day gentleman. If you have a special event coming up that requires a suit and tie, let him be your style inspiration for today and you’ll definitely look the best at that night.


The new year and new month beckon for new restaurants to visit. It’s time to continue your food journey with these new restaurants in KL. In this month’s list, you’ll find anything from Bangsar’s latest Italian restaurant to an artisanal cake specialist — including Soylab that serves non-GMO soy desserts and beverages. Click here for more.


Do you know that Irish whiskey is spelt with an additional ‘e’ instead of whisky? And also the fact that they less likely to give you a hangover because it’s distilled three times instead of Scotch whiskies that are typically distilled twice? But not many seem to favour them as they only take two years to mature in barrels — and that doesn’t mean that it’s not of good quality. Let us change your mind about them with these 5 Irish whiskey bottles.


Believe it or not, Klang Valley not only has one but five of the most amazing hiking trails compared to other cities. That’s quite plentiful considered the fact that some of them may be only 15 minutes drive from your location, even better if you’ve decided to go catch the sunrise. Click here for the full list.

#lifestyleasiakl’s Instagram of the Week

Just a few days into 2019 and @michaelbjordan shared the first look of his upcoming Spring 2019 campaign with @coach as their new Global Menswear Ambassador. The campaign is shot by Craig McDean at the desert outside of Los Angeles.

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