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This week’s best stories: LV’s New Wave, BMW concept car, Dewakan’s new menu, and more

In the months post-election and the dawn of a new Malaysia, our political scene is still as colourful as ever. This week, the parliament sitting saw the opposition staging a walkout (except that not all of them left), sparking a whole new wave of meme-worthy images. But if the political scene doesn’t float your boat, fret not because we have a whole list of curated stories for you. From BMW’s latest concept car brought to life to Dewakan’s new menu featuring local indigenous ingredients, we have it all. So, “sila duduk dan jangan lari” and read on for this week’s best stories.


best stories
“Prawns warmed in starfruit juice with herbs” — one of the additions to the new menu at Dewakan.

One of the few chefs in Malaysia championing the use of local ingredients in fine dining is Darren Teoh. He recently launched a new menu at Dewakan featuring just that, as a form of re-education of our local culinary identity. Read all about the new menu here.


best stories
What’s a jigger and a muddler? They’re just basic bar tools you’ll need.

Keen to start making your own cocktails at home? But first, you need the proper tools. In this article, we tell you what basic bar tools you’ll need for your home bar, as well as their uses. From the basic Boston shaker to the muddler, these are the key items you’ll need to create just about any cocktail.


best stories
Bring on the New Wave from Louis Vuitton.

We’ll be seeing a new wave of bags at Louis Vuitton — quite literally. Every season, a new It bag crops up and this time it’s set to be the Louis Vuitton New Wave bags. Inspired by the 80s, the relaxed structure comes in bright pops of colour like pink and white. But for those who prefer a classic look, the New Wave bag also comes in black and red. Read more about the New Wave bag here.


best stories
Caudalie’s Grape Water is one of the original popular facial mists.

The act of spritzing on a facial mist is certainly appealing, especially in our hot and humid weather. With so many bottles in the market selling dreams of hydration, anti-ageing, and brightening, has it been proven that they actually work? We dissect the science behind facial mists here.


best stories
So it says water resistant, but should you really keep it in water all the time? The answer is no.

As a certain luxury watch brand always say, “You never really own a Patek Phillipe. You merely look after it for the next generation.”

You’ve spent a lot on a luxury timepiece, so learn how to properly take care of it so that it’ll last generation after generation. Not sure where to begin? Let us tell you all about it in this article.


best stories
You know what’s off the roof? Being able to ski on this one.

Luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet will be opening a high-end hotel on the Swiss Alps. More than just a nice hotel, it incorporates several architectural innovations thanks to the acclaimed Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) who designed the building. Guests are actually able to ski off the roof of the hotel and onto the slopes. Read more about this hotel here.


best stories
BMW embraces the future with its Concept X7 iPerformance vehicle.

Automobile brands can come up with as many conceptual cars as they like, but few see it through the end to become an actual, functioning vehicle. That is, until the BMW Concept X7 iPerformance came along. We got to check out this progressive luxury vehicle in all its glory, and we’ve summarised it for you right here.

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If you never realised hair styling devices could be so gorgeous, then you’ve obviously never seen the new GHD Saharan Gold collection. Inspired by the metallic hues of the Saharan landscape, these hot styling tools are as beautiful as they are functional.

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