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Jungkook’s chart-topping song ‘Seven’ slapped with plagiarism allegations

Singer-songwriter — and the youngest member of BTS — Jungkook made waves when dropped his debut song Seven featuring rapper Latto last month. The pop track is now back in the headlines — albeit for possible plagiarism, with allegations made by composer Yang Joon-Young. Here’s all about it.

Over the course of the past few weeks, social media has been abuzz with K-pop hit Seven — complete with dance challenges, memes, and fan dedications. The song marked Jungkook’s first solo rodeo, with its catchy melody and suggestive lyrics quickly raking up views, streams, and likes by billions. However, the summer anthem has now come under fire for plagiarism, as alleged by composer Yang Joon-young, who helmed girl group Fin.K.L’s albums SPECIAL and Time of Mask. The latter’s eponymous title track — released in 2000 — the musician states bears resemblances with the BTS member’s garage-pop track.

BTS’ agency refutes plagiarism allegations around Jungkook’s song

Rumours first began swirling when an American music reviewer Jarred Jermaine pointed to perceived similarities between Seven and a TikTok video by a Vietnamese content creator called So Y Tiet. Meanwhile, Yang Joon-Young’s allegations elaborated that Seven shares similarities with, and has the same scale sequence as, the song Time of Mask, NewsBytes reports. He then requested BTS’ agency to look into the same. The latter, in turn, responded with a statement refuting the allegations.

“We would like to inform you that the claims of copyright infringement regarding Jungkook’s Seven are not true,” Hindustan Times quotes BigHit Music as noting. “Seven is a song that was made through the collaboration of five foreign composers, and it is a creation that is completely unrelated to the song on a domestic album from 24 years ago like some are claiming. They are one-sided claims that do not meet any criteria such as substantial similarity and principles in determining plagiarism.”

Meanwhile, Seven continues to garner attention — going No. 1 on the Billboard Global 200 and Billboard Global charts. Reflecting on the group’s solo endeavours, BTS’ leader RM recently confirmed that the band would make a comeback in 2025. “Even though we’re doing our solo activities on our own… what I’m thinking these days when I’m doing my solo projects is… this is just like a vacation,” Billboard quotes him as stating. “Eventually, when we get back and reunite together in 2025… [we will] be back for sure. We’ll be joining together again. And that will be in 2025.”

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Jungkook’s chart-topping song ‘Seven’ slapped with plagiarism allegations

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