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#Exposed: 10 things you didn’t know about DOLLA’s Angel

The enigmatic Angel from DOLLA and June digital cover star spills the tea — from musicianship to fashion.

One word to describe Angel? Mysterious. She enters the room with an aura of cool that one can only describe as having ‘It’. A musical wiz, fashion connoisseur and a pop star – Angel has definitely achieved great heights at her young age and this is all just the beginning. Despite all the success, the budding popstar sits across from me talking as if we’ve known each other for ages. We chat about everything from songwriting to fashion influences. Here are ten things you didn’t know about Angel.

#1. She writes her own music.

“I secretly write songs at home, I think people don’t know that,” she admits. “While I’m in the car on the way home, I would think, ‘Today I met this person.’ And I think about how it made me feel, what they made me think. I’d just go looking for beats sometimes, like free beats, and I would write the lyrics.” While she may not be ready to share her songwriting with the world just yet, we are on the edge of our seats for what comes next.

#2. She plays the treble guitar.

Some people are just meant to be doing what they’re doing… and Angel is a perfect example. The pop star picked up her first instrument, the treble guitar, at the age of six! A foreshadowing of her future musical success indeed.

Angel wears the Onitsuka Tiger Spring Summer 2023 Collection and the latest MEXICO 66™ CACTFUL shoes in Green.
Angel wears the Onitsuka Tiger Spring Summer 2023 Collection and the latest MEXICO 66™ CACTFUL shoes in Green.


#4. She’s an overthinker.

When you first meet Angel, overthinker is not a word you’d think to associate her with. Her too-cool-for-school style, paired with her icy persona, definitely hides her inner thoughts well.

“I’m a person that overthinks a lot whenever I do something, a bit like a perfectionist,” she admits. “But I feel like throughout this career, the one thing I learned is that you have to just go for it, just do it. Just reach for it, because if you don’t, then you might miss out on the chance.”

#5. She wants to be a director.

One glance at Angel’s Instagram will show you she has an eye for aesthetics.


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Whether it’s photography, fashion or music — she certainly has a unique point of view, and she wants that POV translated onto video.  “I think there’s something that I wanna do which is to direct my own music video and songs and everything,” she says. “The whole process, that’s something that I would like to achieve.” 

#6. She uses fashion to fuel her creativity.

The unbearably chic star shares with us what sources her brand of cool. “I feel like after I joined Dolla, I’ve started looking into more fashion stuff,” she shares. “My hobby right now is consuming fashion content. I like to explore fashion from runway shows, fashion magazines, Instagram and Pinterest. I just like looking at the materials and how it makes you feel.” 

#7. Her favourite fashion houses are Dion Lee, Blumarine and DIESEL.

You can see the fashion brands influence on her style — the slinky sexiness of Dion Lee blends with Blumarine’s silhouettes and DIESEL’s play with materials. If you were to put her style into words it would be: slinky, minimal and sleek. The songstress tells us her fashion formula: “Always oversize pants, and throw on some element of leather and a staple piece — whether it’s sunglasses, bags or shoes,” she remarked. “I feel like your outfit can be minimal but, some part of it has to be the highlight.”

#8. Her fashion icon is Rihanna.

“I like the way she carries herself. In her paparazzi shots, she’s very well dressed with an unbothered attitude,” she says. “I feel like clothes brings out the real you. I have friends who dress very bold, but they’re introverted. So, I like that.”

#9. She feels the most confident in black.

Saying the colour black is her favourite colour might be an understatement. Some people have a little black dress but Angel has a wardrobe full of it. “I feel like I look the best in black,” she quips. “It’s sleek and clean. That’s how you dress like Angel.” A tip for the Angel fans from the Angel herself!

#10. She’s a utilitarian when it comes to fashion.

She’s a utilitarian when it comes to fashion. The micro bag trend has taken the world by storm and have turned people, unwillingly, into minimalists. Angel, however, is not convinced.

“The micro bags are very cute but I have to fit all my things,” the star tells us. “It’s important for me that the bag is stylish but, at the same time, can fit everything.” The bags she’s eyeing right now? The Balenciaga La Cagole and DIESEL Logo-Plaque Leather Shoulder Bag.

Read our full interview with our cover stars, the girls of DOLLA, in the latest issue of LSA Digital Cover Vol. 010 HERE.

#Exposed: 10 things you didn’t know about DOLLA’s Angel

Bornean born and bred, Mallie enjoys luscious skincare, a bottle of bubbly and chic garments. With a background in Public Relations and Journalism, Mallie is now exploring the world of writing. When not hunched over the laptop, Mallie can be found exploring the latest bars or at home recharging with a face mask.

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