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#Resolutions: Alvy Joanna ponders over the importance of being present in the coming year

TikTok sweetheart turned actor, Alvy Joanna, is our January digital cover star. In light of the new year, she muses on a few of her New Year’s resolutions for 2023.

The new year can be pretty daunting for most — a lot of hopes and expectations for ourselves, as the months go on stretching before us — but for Alvy Joanna, budding actor and entrepreneur, it’s looking up. Since she took over the TikTok scene, she has steadily built up a following of more than 800,000 followers.

Documenting her life of travelling adventures, trying new things and her easy-going style, Alvy is dubbed Malaysian TikTok’s sweetheart with her charm and endearing smile. Venturing into acting, Alvy was most recently seen in Histeria The Series, where she played the school bully Ily. As she graces our first digital cover of the year, we bring up the topic of New Year’s resolutions and things in store. Here, these are three things Alvy will be setting out to pursue in the coming year.

Alvy would like to be much more present. In everything, but especially her career. “When you’re in the entertainment industry, you sometimes get involved in too much work, and you know, you don’t get to be present; like, really be there,” she says. Life can come at you so fast that instead of truly enjoying it and getting to smell the roses. “Have fun, no stress,” Alvy adds, “just let life flow — that’s my very first priority. Like, no matter what life hits me with, it’s important to stay present through it all. And to be grateful, of course.”

Far right: Alvy Joanna as Ily in Histeria The Series. (Photo credit: Instagram/@missalvy)

She wants to grow her filmography. “Performing has always been part of me since I was a child,” Alvy shares. Despite the stressful schedules and pressures that come with putting on a good performance, the thrill of it beats everything else. For her role in Histeria The Series, Alvy experienced many firsts — including learning to fight, and picking up a cigarette. “When I first started acting, it really felt like I was healing my inner child,” she says. “It just makes me happy.”

She’s on the road to becoming an unnie (older sister). That’s like an oppa (older brother) — but for the ladies. Having visited the country often (Alvy even calls South Korea her second home because of her friends there), it’s quite an understatement to say that she loves it there. All that’s left to be done is to learn the language, which is what Alvy is setting out to do this year. All hail the Hallyu wave!

A shot of Alvy in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo credit: Instagram/@missalvy)

Find out more about Alvy Joanna and Daniel Cheang, our cover stars, in the latest issue of LSA Digital Cover Vol. 007 HERE.

#Resolutions: Alvy Joanna ponders over the importance of being present in the coming year

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