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Get good gut health with these local kombucha brands

These ready-bottled kombucha brands in Malaysia will give you easy access to a healthy gut.

By now, we would all know the health benefits of kombucha. The fermented tea rich with probiotics has promised magical gut health, the epicentre of immunity and holistic bodily health. However, the process of making your own kombucha can prove challenging.

Anyone who has tried making their own kombucha will know. It’s not difficult, but many things can go wrong in the process. From sourcing and growing a scoby – a live yeast and bacteria culture that may be off-putting to some – to fermenting some explosive kombucha. Hands up, those who have needed to clean their kitchen ceilings during the second fermentation process?

After all that’s said and done, at the end of the day, it is much easier to have someone else do the work and just purchase ready-made kombucha. Luckily, we have some homegrown brands that do a fantastic job of that. With a myriad of delicious flavours for you to choose from, you can now make these bottles of kombucha your daily go-to drink for good gut health.

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Boocha prides itself on using only premium tea and fresh fruits to brew its kombucha with. How could we say no to that? Among the flavours that caught our eye include Passionfruit, Pink Grapefruit, and Bentong Ginger-Lemon. Order via the Whatsapp link below, or source for some Boocha bottles in Nature Miners, The Hive Bulk Foods, Runchit, and also 3 Little Birds @ Desa Parkcity.

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The quest for a solution always results in innovation, and therein lies the birth of homegrown brand Wild Kombucha. Suffering from eczema all his life, it was by chance that founder Jason Tan came across kombucha after brewing his own. What started out as a refreshing after-meal drink soon turned into improving his gut health, followed by relief in eczema symptoms. It was then he decided to bring its health properties into the world with Wild Kombucha. Now, you can shop for Wild Kombucha in various sizes and flavours including regular Black Tea, Chrysanthemum Goji, Lavender Lemonade, and more. Purchase it online or find it at stockists including Botanica + Co, myBurgerLab, The Hungry Tapir, Oxygen Cycle, and more.

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Some might be sceptical about trying out kombucha because of the fermentation involved, which might result in a small percentage of alcohol. Quell your fears with WonderBrew Kombucha, because this Malaysian brand is certified halal. The brand also prides itself on being small-batch, handmade, and with locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a true Malaysian brand in whole. Shop for some bottles online and have it delivered right to your doorstep.

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Another halal brand to try, Chacha Kombucha is the brainchild of a fitness trainer and a chef specialising in plant-based food. Working in small batches with organic produce, the duo began producing kombucha from their own kitchens and working their way up to a proper facility after receiving a steady stream of clients. Order your bottles of kombucha online for next day delivery, or you can find them in major supermarkets including Ben’s Independent Grocers, Village Grocer, and more.

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Shea Brew

One of the newest additions to the local kombucha scene is Shea Brew, a home-brewer that’s operating on a small scale basis. Nonetheless, the brand is offering some delicious flavours like Apple Cranberry, Watermelon & Lavender, Pineapple Assamboi, as well as some limited-edition seasonal flavours. Drop Shea Brew a message on Instagram to place your orders. You can also find out which cafes stock these kombucha bottles on their Instagram account.

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For some effervescent and refreshing goodness filled with gut health benefits, look no further than Hecha. There are over six flavours for you to choose from, including Orange & Kaffir Lime Leaves, Roselle, Apple & Blue Peaflower, and more. Purchase online or visit the brand’s list of stockists here.

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Founded in 2017 by two yogis, the founders of Belly Good Kombucha wanted to promote healthy bowel movements through the consumption of probiotics. After all, if you have healthy bowel movements, everything can only be ‘belly’ good. Belly Good Kombucha uses organic and locally-sourced ingredients to brew this small batch kombucha. Drop them a message on Facebook or Instagram to order.

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In an age where home-based food and beverage businesses are thriving, it’s important that to know that these businesses are certified and healthy enough to consume. Brew By Root prides itself on being MeSTI certified, which ensures that the company fulfils the Malaysian Food Hygiene Regulations 2009 requirements. Over at Brew By Root, you’ll find that the kombucha here is not only vegan but also gluten- and dairy-free as well as low in sugar. It’s also one of the few bottled in amber bottles to preserve the live cultures within. Shop for flavours like Black Tea, Ginger, Dragonfruit, and Earl Grey Cinnamon from the link below.

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Get good gut health with these local kombucha brands

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