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9 spots for the best Chinese herbal soups in Singapore

It’s been pouring in Malaysia and Singapore lately, and the best thing to eat when that happens is a hearty bowl of herbal soup to warm us up. Thankfully, our guide features the best herbal soup spots in Singapore, so you’ll have a fuss-free visit on your next trip to the lion city.

Widely regarded to be a cure-all for your immune system and a boost to your overall health, herbal soups are regularly enjoyed by those who need a pick-me-up in their day, or for those looking for a low-calorie meal. Chinese herbal soup can vary in its ingredients, and more often than not, the combination of ingredients have been proven to be beneficial by TCM practitioners. Mothers would often boil these soups for their family as a way to nourish them. 

Ginseng chicken soup, for instance, is meant to strengthen energy levels and nourish the blood, while the apple and pear pork ribs soup is said to soothe coughs and sore throats. Besides, Chinese herbal soups are an easy way of getting protein, minerals, and vitamins without having to go the extra mile, and they’re perfect for rainy days. From black chicken soup to herbal mutton soups and more, we’ve compiled a list of the best, most nutritious herbal soups in Singapore. 

Here’s where to find the best herbal soups in Singapore:

(Hero and featured image credit: Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant)


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Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup

Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup is an iconic establishment for those in the east. The humble locale is famed for its wide array of tze char dishes and one dish that’s on every table is the very dish that inspired its name: the Black Chicken Herbal Soup. Within each bowl is a large, ‘silkie’ chicken that’s boiled with wolfberries, Chinese yam and a whole bunch of herbs such as cordyceps to craft a hearty bowl that’s full of flavour. If you’re not up for tze char dishes, the Pork Kidney Mee Sua is also a popular one-dish option to try.

(Image credit: @tedchoo via Instagram)

475 Changi Rd, Singapore 419892

This might be a restaurant that specialises in turtle soup, but we also want to make a case for its nourishing range of chicken soups. The time-tested establishment – open since 1946 – has become one of the best places in Singapore for herbal soups, and has served countless bowls of its Cordyceps White Chicken soup and Ginseng Black Chicken soup, both of which have been simmered for over 12 hours to achieve an intensely rich broth and fall-off-the-bone tenderness from the chicken. It gets pretty busy around lunch time here, so plan your trip wisely.

(Image credit: @tansersengherbs)

29 Lor Bachok, Singapore 387791
+65 6748 3953

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Herbal Soup 瓦罐煨汤

There’s something comforting about heading to a place that names itself word-for-word after the dish that it’s selling –that’s when you know they’re dedicated to their craft. At Herbal Soup, diners can expect a variety of charcoal-fired herbal soups, including classics like Sweet Corn Pork Ribs Soup, Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup, Chicken Feet Peanut Pork Ribs Soup. Not everything on the menu is available every day, so be sure to ask what they have when you’re there.

(Image credit: @cat_foodie_sg via Instagram)

335 Smith St, #02-017, Chinatown Complex, Singapore 050335

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Chong Pang Pig's Organ Soup & Herbal Mutton Soup

There are many stalls to order from at Chong Pang Market & Food Centre, but if you’re feeling in need of some hearty, comfort food, we suggest heading straight to Pig’s Organ Soup & Herbal Mutton Soup. The soup has a pleasant herbal sweetness to it, with tons of ginger that eliminate the gamey smell from the mutton. On that same note, the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender, and goes well with the rice/noodles and the salted vegetables.

(Image credit: Doreen Tan via Burpple)

105 Yishun Ring Rd, #01-125, Chong Pang Market & Food Centre, Singapore 760105

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Singapore Herbal Soup 阿成老火汤

At Singapore Herbal Soup, expect a neat selection of double-boiled soups that are gentler in terms of flavour – perfect for those who like to have their dishes on the lighter side of things. Our personal favourite? The lotus root with pork ribs soup and a side of olive rice.

(Image credit: @bryanwooch via Instagram)

527 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-120, Singapore 560527

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Ah Er Herbal Soup / 阿2老火湯

If you happen to stop by ABC Brickworks, be sure to give Ah Er Herbal Soup a try. While they do have more popular options like the Lotus Root Peanut Pork Ribs Soup, Old Cucumber Pork Rib Soup, Gingko Pork Tripe Pepper Soup, and the Ten Tonic Ginseng Chicken, we’d suggest trying something a little more ‘luxurious’ here. Their version of The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall doesn’t contain shark’s fin (phew!) or sea cucumber like the restaurant versions do, but it still has pretty upscale (for the location and price!) ingredients such as fish maw, abalone, and Chinese mushrooms. Something we look forward to every time we’re having herbal soup here? The pumpkin rice. The fragrant aroma and natural sweetness from the pumpkin work wonderfully well with the hearty soup.

(Image credit: @misamom06 via Instagram)

6 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-141, ABC Brickworks, Singapore 150006

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Earth Jar Treasure

Earth Jar Treasure touts its soups to be “health in a bowl,” so you can only imagine how nutritious they are. Each pot is broiled with a thin aluminium sheet just below its cover to help lock in all the goodness from its ingredients. Cultivate Blood Black Chicken Soup is a safe choice here: every sip is packed with tons of sweetness from the herbs used, accentuated perhaps by the use of honey dates in the broth.

(Image credit: @gabriel_goh via Instagram)

22 Sin Ming Rd, #01-244, Singapore 571022

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Ivy's Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup

Ivy’s Hainanese Herbal Mutton Soup has racked up more than 20 years of experience serving Herbal Mutton Soup, a traditional Hainanese dish that sees a deeply flavourful broth made with over 20 herbs. The secret to the clean-tasting lamb ribs? The ingredient is marinated with fermented red yeast and seared in oil every morning to remove the gaminess from the meat.

(Image credit: @laggyserver via Instagram)

121 Pasir Panjang Rd, #01-14, Singapore 118543

Lao Huo Tang started with humble beginnings at a hawker centre in 2018, but quickly expanded to bring its traditional Chinese herbal soups to the masses with more upscale outlets around Singapore. Today, the chain continues to craft Cantonese-style tonics that’s flavoured only by natural ingredients, with equally stellar tze char dishes to pair with. You won’t go wrong with the Lotus Root Peanut Soup, Chinese Old Cucumber Soup, and Ginseng Herbal Chicken Soup here. Besides, you won’t have to sweat it out at a hawker centre when sipping on the soups here.

(Image credit: @mypiggypalate/Instagram)

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9 spots for the best Chinese herbal soups in Singapore

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