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Last-minute Christmas cake recipes to try this festive season

Here are nine Christmas cake recipes to ‘sleigh’ your dessert game this winter.

Christmas cake recipes are an absolute must for the holidays. With Christmas almost around the corner, it is time to truly bask in the spirit. And what is Christmas without a variety of cakes you can dig into at any time of the day?

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9 Christmas cake recipes to try this winter

Plum cake

Plum cakes and Christmas were meant to be soulmates! A Christmas staple, plum cakes are everything that the holidays are supposed to be — fun, warm and intimate. The fun thing about plum cakes is that they are called so, even though they are not made from plums. Plum cakes are celebrated around the world as one of the most famous Christmas cake recipes. Make your own legendary plum cake at home with this recipe.

Calcutta Christmas cake

There’s Christmas in India, and then there’s Christmas in Calcutta. If you thought Durga Puja was the perfect time to be in Calcutta, wait till you see Christmas here. The entire city decks up in lights and transforms into a perfect little world of its own. Needless to say, this city has its own charming Christmas cake recipes, with bakeries in the city gearing up for delectable Christmas cakes.

Jamaican black rum fruit cake

What’s not to like about rum cakes? But the Jamaican black rum fruit cake is something else. Rich in rum, fruits and a dash of spice, this cake tastes tree-mendously good. If you can’t wait till your guests arrive and cut yourself a slice of this cake, we’d totally understand!

Yule log cake

Also known as Bûche de Noël, the Yule log cake is one of the classic French Christmas cake recipes that has become a favourite for everyone now. It is a rolled sponge cake with a chocolate buttercream filling, and it is almost a crime to not help yourself while cutting out slices for guests at home! Not just that, you can beautifully deck the cake up to soak in the spirit of Christmas.

Pumpkin cake

We have already established how much a fan of pumpkin desserts we are! It is only fair that a pumpkin cake makes it to a piece about Christmas cake recipes. It is simple, easy to make and yet rich and decadent. Whip up a simple frosting and elevate this pumpkin cake to another level.

Vanilla marble cake

Marble cakes are the best of both worlds with vanilla and some fudgy chocolate. Bake it for Christmas, and it’s like an entire galaxy of goodness in your kitchen. It is easy to make, looks fancy and tastes delicious.

Turkish revani cake

Next on the list of Christmas cake recipes, we take a tour around the world and our first stop, Turkey. Revani cake is a Turkish Christmas special that you can make at home. Even though Turkey is famous for its baklava, the revani cake is an underappreciated genius that needs to find a place on your Christmas cake table now!

Scottish Dundee cake

Next stop, Scotland. The Dundee cake is a traditional Scottish fruit cake. This rich cake contains currants, sultanas and almonds, and sometimes you can add fruit peel or zest to it for that extra kick of acidity that all Christmas cakes deserve.

Tres Leches cake

Last stop this Christmas, Mexico. In our humble opinion, a tres leches cake does not need a festival to be celebrated. This moist, milk-based cake is a Mexican Christmas staple. But for us, this is one of the Christmas cake recipes that we cannot get enough of. A butter sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk — how can this not be a favourite!

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Last-minute Christmas cake recipes to try this festive season

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