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Seafood delivery in KL: Where to get the freshest oyster, tiger prawn and salmon

Have you been searching in vain for the freshest oyster, tiger prawn and salmon to be delivered to your home? Here’s a guide on seafood delivery in KL.

Save the hassle on a trip down to the supermarket because now the vendor and the monger come straight to your doorsteps to deliver just what you order for. Get the freshest catch with a bountiful array flown by air from their countries of origin or transported from the nearest fish farms just outside the Klang Valley. Delivery services are revolutionising the shopping experience and with seafood suppliers reaching out directly, consumers such as you and me benefit from arguably fresher eats too.

Craving for freshly shucked oysters whose exquisite minerality will incontrovertibly pair so heavenly with a bottle of buttery, creamy Chardonnay aged in oak barrels? Or marinade some succulent tiger prawns in some white wine and garlic sauces before grilling them over a fire pit? The thought of washing that scrumptious BBQ brunch down with some home-made fruity wine slushies on a Sunday morning has me salivating.  

End the evening on something lighter on the palate such as steamed cod fillets in umami-packed soy sauce and a rich garnish of spring onion and slices of fried ginger. If the lockdown has robbed you of sashimi-grade salmon, for those deprived of the delicate natural texture and flavour served at top Japanese restaurants in town, having it dispatched to your home doesn’t sound too bad an improvisation.  

So where and how can you arrange for seafood delivery in KL? Find out below. 

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Take your pick from a choice of Irish oysters. Fancy a crispy flesh with a saline and creamy finish? Perhaps something milder, less briny and veering towards minerality? While you are at it, why not order some red caviar from the Netherlands and sea urchin roe gathered from Hokkaido, Japan?

While they too supply oysters wrested from the coast of Ireland, here you can sample those from as far-flung as Canada. Looking for jumbos as large as your palm? Get in quick before the supply depletes and chill that bottle of champagne you have been holding back.

Honouring the subject of non-frozen seafood, we shall refrain from talking up their seemingly endless array of king crab, lobster, abalone and octopus. For chilled trout and salmon, harvested from the picturesque fjords of Norway and the pristine waters of Tasmania, Australia, they also slice up the sashimi-grade flesh too so you don’t have to.

Continuing our utter fascination with sashimi, if you ever wanted to throw a party where only the freshest raw salmon is fed to your guests, you wouldn’t go wrong by a few trays from as light as 500g to as indulgent as 2kg. 

(Photo: Oxana Kolodina on Unsplash)

Picture the seafood market somehow uproots itself and magically appears the exact moment you need it, this is exactly what you will get. This mobile fishery of some sort delivers live tiger prawns right to your doorsteps. They are scooped and weighed right in front of you and so there’s no excuse for them not to be fresh.

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Seafood delivery in KL: Where to get the freshest oyster, tiger prawn and salmon

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