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The ultimate guide to the world of K-drama to binge for every mood

Whether you enjoy suspense thrillers or historical sagas – there’s no dearth of explore-worthy genres in the long list of K-dramas on OTT platforms. We’re taking a peek at all there is to the shows that have been keeping us awake until 2:00 am.

If there’s one industry that does justice to the adage ‘variety is the spice of life,’ it’s Korean entertainment. Between side-splittingly hilarious reality shows and pop songs with near-addictive choruses, there’s no room for boredom when you hop on the Hallyu train. And K-dramas are undisputedly at the top of this engaging list.

In fact ,with an eclectic set of genres like coming-of-age comedies, office romances, and fantasy sagas – each with high production values, stunning cast members, and rollercoaster series of events – there’s plenty of options to lose sleep over. From the cult-classic romantic thriller Descendants Of The Sun to the old-school comfort feature Reply 1988 – here’s a look at all the shows we’re adding to our entertainment diet and everything that makes them what they are.

Get some popcorn going and binge this list of exciting K-dramas

10 best K-dramas of 2022 to binge-watch this weekend

Best k-dramas

Korean dramas have taken the entertainment world by storm. Intriguing plots, captivating storylines and unique genres coupled with phenomenal performances by the star cast — there are more reasons than one behind why some of the best K-dramas have garnered global fans and ardent viewers.

8 fantasy K-dramas on Netflix that are worth adding to your watchlist

Fantasy K dramas to watch

Underlined by quirky superpowers, pesky ghosts, and plotlines drawn from popular folklore – fantasy K-dramas make for an entertaining escape from the hustle of life. We’re listing out a few of the more out-of-this-world options that are on our Netflix watchlist.

#BingeWorthy: 8 of the most popular Korean dramas of all time

popular korean dramas

Korean dramas are not only addictive but also increasingly popular among millennials and Gen Z. With a strong narrative and brilliant portrayal of characters in limited episodes, these series can be easily enjoyed from the comfort of your homes.

10 feel-good K-dramas on Netflix to watch for a quick pick-me-up

Feel-good K-dramas to watch

From a hilarious account of a blind date gone wrong to a heartwarming tale of a group of friends – if you need a reason to smile, look no further than these evergreen feel-good K-dramas.

The perfect K-drama you should binge-watch, according to your zodiac sign

Image: Courtesy Shutterstock

The stars can do more than chart the course of your career or predict the fate of a new relationship. They can also guide you to the show for which you’d sacrifice your sleep. We’ve curated a list of popular K-dramas that complement the characteristics of each zodiac sign.

10 of the highest-paid K-drama actors you need to pay attention to

Everyone knows that Korean dramas, or K-dramas as popularly known, have become some of the most watched content in recent years and have become a part of the lives of millions of viewers. With numerous hits, the actors have earned millions. However, who are the highest-paid Korean drama actors and how much do they make per episode? That’s a question in everyone’s minds.

5 beauty lessons we learned from our favourite K-drama characters

K-Drama beauty and makeup tips

There is no denying that Koreans have the most exciting and indulgent skincare regimes. They not only master the fashion game but also nail the skincare game. And when it comes to their innovations in the beauty industry, we’re all on board with the K-wagon.

Most stylish K-drama characters to draw fashion inspiration from

Aside from compelling plots and eclectic characters, if there’s one thing that you can bank on K-dramas for, it’s stylish characters. We’re putting the spotlight on a few that are fashion moguls.

Spruce up your formal outfits with these looks inspired by popular K-dramas

One of the most crucial things to get sorted is your formal outfits, as we will no longer be hiding behind a camera on Zoom and can no longer get away with a professional-looking shirt and pyjamas. To help with the transition, we’ve compiled some of our favourite back-to-work looks inspired by popular K-dramas.

Love K-dramas? You can actually visit these 7 shooting locations in South Korea


If you’ve been into Korean dramas lately, you know that the places shown in these programmes, be it fried chicken shops or stunning beachside towns, are somewhere you’d definitely want to be at. So, here’s some K-drama locations you can actually visit!

All images: Courtesy IMDB and Netflix 

The ultimate guide to the world of K-drama to binge for every mood

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