With only four days left till Christmas, you are officially pressed for time to get gifts. We’ve definitely helped you out with gift ideas for your beauty girls, that friend with the discerning eye for design, and your male friend who owns zero skincare products. You’ve also prioritised yourself and gotten your party dress, shoes, and even a cute bag. Now, you need to get Christmas gifts for the cook in your life.

We all have one of those in our lives: it’s the friend who hosts the best dinner parties in their homes. They’re also geniuses in the kitchen and are able to cook up a storm with just about any scraps that are lying around. Their Instagram feed is filled with carefully styled pictures of their cooking, and you know it tastes as good as it looks.

For the friend who likes to cook, it only makes sense to get them gifts related to food and cooking. From designer cookware to innovatively-designed products and just plain cute items, there’s something for the different types of cooks out there.

Hurry and get these before Christmas arrives, and you’ll be able to make your favourite cook happy. When you keep your cook happy, they’ll be sure to invite you to more of their cookouts. It’s a win-win situation.

HMM Gaze

If your friend enjoys the coffee-making ritual in the morning, get the double-wall Gaze. It’s a two-piece set that drips coffee into a transparent vessel, which you can easily pour into a cup after it is done dripping.

RM375, Ninth Gallery

Scene Shang May Mug in Legend

Take a trip down memory lane with this traditional thermos aluminium flask, now fashioned with a contemporary print. Designed by Scene Shang from Singapore, this thermos flask will be great for the cook to keep soup warm, and will get extra bonus points if they’re into vintage-inspired items.

RM179, Naiise Malaysia

Ohleaf Gold Glazed Cheese Board

A hand-painted ceramic cheese board is just the sort of item that would look right at home in a cook’s flatlay image. Besides, you can never go wrong with a cheese board, as cheese has big fans all over the world.

RM115, Ninth Gallery

Ruffoni Opus Prima Stockpot With Lid

There’s a 90 per cent chance that your cook friend makes gut-healing bone broth on a weekly basis, which makes this elegant stockpot an absolute necessity. The squash and pumpkin lid handle also makes it extra intriguing to be added into their collection of pots and pans.

RM2,200.72, Harrods

Eatoco Oros grater

Throw away your expectations of how a grater looks like, and take a look at this Oros grater from Japanese brand Eatoco. It’s sleek and specially designed so your grated products don’t fall all over your kitchen table and not the designated area. Thanks to its elegant aesthetics, it can even look good placed on the dinner table with say, grated ginger or wasabi.

RM114.48, Koncent Malaysia

Monos Polar Ice

For the environmentally-conscious friend, support their cause with the Monos Polar Ice cubs in shapes of either a polar bear or penguins floating on ice. The ice slowly melting into the drink is both cute and melancholic, portraying the harsh environmental reality of today.

RM84.80, Koncent Malaysia

Royal Selangor Nick Munro jelly mould

Luxe up even the humble jelly mould with this Royal Selangor piece. It’ll make dessert extra special, plus proceeds from the sale of each jelly mould will go to the Breast Cancer Welfare Association.

RM350, Royal Selangor


How many times have we broken a glass from sheer accident, or non-accidents? If your cook friend is prone to clumsiness, it’ll be worthwhile to get them the Shupua, a glass-looking cup that is actually made out of silicone. It’s soft and flexible, and does not break at all. Unfortunately it’s not spill-free, but at least we get to control most of the damage.

RM100.70-RM121.90, Koncent Malaysia

Tom Dixon Stone Chopping Board

It’s going to take a lot of heart to mince meat on this Tom Dixon stone chopping board, but it’s definitely a pretty gift to give your friend who loves to cook. It’s made of white Morwad marble. The removable brass saucer is great for collecting the products of your chops; aesthetics that actually work.

price unavailable, Tom Dixon

HO.H Flat Lunch Box

Chances are, your friend who loves to cook also brings home-cooked lunches to work. Help them save space after they’re done with this collapsable lunch box. Made of reusable material, you can wash and reuse just like your regular lunch container. And when you’re done, simply flatten for easy storage.

RM63.60, Koncent Malaysia

PohNee Chin
Editor, Kuala Lumpur
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