In the world of food, dessert is something that will probably never go out of style. Be it a slice of cake or a generous scoop of ice cream, it’s always satisfying to end a meal on a sweet note.

Kuala Lumpur has seen an influx of dessert cafes in recent years, which may be an indication of dessert’s growing popularity. In fact, some eateries have even taken to rolling out unconventional confections such as soufflés and rose petal ice cream, leaving foodies spoilt for choice.

Looking for a dessert cafe to satisfy your cravings? If you are always visiting the usual cafes and feel like your taste buds need a change, then it’s time you take a drive around the city for a better pick. Here are 5 dessert cafes in Kuala Lumpur that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth.

(Main photo: Wild Sheep Chase Cafe; Featured photo: Tiny Temptress)