Having dim sum with family or friends for breakfast has long been a weekend indulgence for many. Whether it’s in the morning or for brunch, we always look forward to Saturday or Sunday yum cha sessions when we can finally take our sweet time sipping tea while savouring these morsels of Cantonese goodness.

Steamer baskets of Chinese dumpling have long been a favourite of many. It may be because their bite-sized portions make them as easy to eat as tapas. And even after centuries, their popularity shows little signs of waning. In fact, the last decade or so has actually seen the trend of enjoying them at any time of the day in Kuala Lumpur. These days, you can find more modern restaurants and elegant spaces outside traditional Chinese teahouses that introduce modern and exciting new twists to the cuisine.

Naturally, the sheer number of restaurants in existence has made it a bit tough to pick a spot to enjoy the gamut of dim sum offerings. Thing along the lines of beautifully braised chicken feet, warm barbecue pork or creamy custard buns, classic siu mai and prawn dumplings, fried yam balls and the works. But whether you’re into traditionally made dim sum or its fusion with some other cuisine, your craving will surely be satisfied in 5 of these restaurants that are known to serve the best-tasting ones.