There’s nothing like a pot of hot, steaming broth with your favourite mix of meat and vegetables on a rainy night — or whenever. In fact, the best part about having a hot pot meal is not how good the broth is (well, that’s important too) but how this one dish can bring your family and friends even closer.

Hot pot is not just a meal where you eat freshly cooked food and leave immediately. It is a communal way of dining and bonding over a good time, and dates back to ancient China, when generals and their armies had to eat their food in the battlefield.

The entire eating process is much more interactive compared to, say a five-course fine dining meal. Have a seat and select your favourite broth, but the fun begins when everyone starts ordering and adding ingredients into the pot. While waiting for the food to cook, this is the best time to create conversation.

While every culture has their own unique versions of hot pots, Malaysia is no different. Hot pots are extremely beloved here, especially if it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Here’s a list of our favourite hot pot restaurants in KL, which promise to only serve the freshest meats and vegetables, with broths that are boiled using high quality ingredients.