Our love for Japanese food knows no bounds; these five best udon places around KL are a testament of our devotion towards its cuisine.

Unfortunately, unlike ramen, udon doesn’t have as much adoration in our streets. There are only a handful of places that actually specialise in udon, especially around KL. It’s even harder if you’re looking for a soba-centric Japanese restaurant but thankfully, the same cannot be said about udon.

This thick, wheat-flour noodle is often served hot but you can also have it cold if you’d like. What makes udon such an underrated meal is due to its simplicity. It’s usually just noodles and broth, for which there are two types. The broths vary from region to region with Eastern Japan utilising a dark soy sauce-based broth (koikuchi shōyu) and Western Japan using a light soy sauce-based broth (usukuchi shōyu) instead.

Be sure to scroll through our list below to check out all five places that serve the best ramen in KL.

Feature & hero image: Kodawari Menya Udon

Sanuki Udon

Taman Desa is home to plenty of Japanese restaurants and eateries with one of the more prominent names being Sanuki Udon, feeding the residents of Taman Desa for over a decade since its launch in 2009. Its name derives directly from the origin of the dish. Its owner, Seiji Fujimoto is also responsible for various other eateries around the neighbourhood, like Taisyu Yakiniku. Try the restaurant’s House Special with Egg Udon as well as its Kakiage Udon.

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Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura

If you’re ever in Mont Kiara or Hartamas, be sure to look out for Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura, located within 1 Mont Kiara. The brand hails all the way from the Sanuki province of Kagawa, Japan. Both their udon and dashi are brought in directly from Japan as well, ensuring you get the best of what it has to offer. It offers udon in both soup and dry versions as well as crispy and crunchy tempura.

(Image credit: Kodawari Menya Udon & Tempura)

Udon-ya San Restaurant

This humble Japanese restaurant in Pandan Indah may not look like much, but it serves up some delicious bowls of udon at an extremely affordable rate. All of its noodles are handmade with a very diverse menu on what you can have your udon with. It also has rice dishes like oyakodon as well as tonkatsu don to name a few.

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Menya Ichiyutei 麵屋一優亭

Menya Ichuyutei in Lot 10 serves up something totally different from the regular Sanuki udon. Instead, it showcases its authenticity through its Fukuoka Hakata udon noodles. It’s usually eaten with a bowl of Japanese curry and soup to complete the hearty meal. The Hakata udon noodles are handcrafted fresh every day by master craftsmen. To experience true authenticity, try its special creamy curry udon.

(Image credit: J’s Gate Dining)

Hanamaru Udon

Hailing all the way from Japan, Hanamaru Udon is just one-half of YH Malaysia with the other being Yoshinoya. Hanamaru uses authentic udon flown in directly from Japan, which provides a healthy and balanced diet. The signature beef udon and curry udon are just some of the favourites you have to look out for.

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