New year, new me? Achieving a healthier lifestyle seems to be on almost everyone’s list of new year resolutions. And it’s possible by just hopping onto the healthy food bandwagon. Unless you’ve been slacking on your diet or feel like you deserve a sweet reward, it’s time for dessert.

Dessert makes the world go round — according to many (including us) and chocolate makes everything better. In fact, dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and has free radical-fighting abilities to fight against environmental toxins. But before you start stocking up your food cabinet with chocolate, remember that these should be eaten in moderation.

Yet, these chocolate cafes in KL do not use ordinary chocolate you see selling in supermarkets. High quality Belgian chocolate is the hero of these sweet treats and the taste definitely does not disappoint. Belgium is known as the capital of chocolate. Why settle for less when you can get it from the best?

They may using the same key ingredient but each spot applies their own twist to their dishes. It may be as simple as adding more fruit on the plate or mixing their own chocolate mixture of dark, white and milk. Time to pay a visit to these chocolate cafes in KL.