As we’re entering the second quarter of 2018, we’ve realised once again how time is passing by really fast. While these 7 new restaurants and cafés in KL occupied our weekends in March, we now have another five that recently opened to visit this month.

This round of restaurants and cafés includes something futuristic, contemporary, unique, and even one that made their way to KL from Penang. A futuristic eatery would be Great – The Healthier Fast Food. There are no wait staff (except one that assists when you order) as everything is automated. All orders have to be done through mobile. There is also Anther & Stigma, a florist-cafe that just opened earlier this week. They serve cafe food and drinks but also takes orders for flower arrangements.

As for Urban Artisan, you may be able to recognise their swirly ice cream from social media. This dessert parlour is from Penang and they’ve finally expanded to Kuala Lumpur after opening one outlet in Johor Bahru.

No more scratching heads on where to dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let these new restaurants and cafés in KL be the beginning of your food adventure this month.