Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) is one of Kuala Lumpur’s fastest growing hubs for standalone stores and indie food outlets. With increased transport connectivity comes higher foot traffic and cool new businesses aren’t far behind.

TTDI is also near to homes and recreational areas, such as the TTDI park, service centres, office lots and schools. Which shows that not only TTDI is a high traffic area but also a good variety of age groups coming and going. Food outlets are always packed with these foodies, for lunch, dinner, dessert.

If there’s any doubt that TTDI is the place to be, take a walk down and the ultimate hipster status symbol comes to the fore: The cafe all-day breakfast.

While we stay and lounge in our beds, most cafés and restaurants are taking breakfast items off the menu as soon as the clock turns to 12, leaving those who head out later in the day at a disadvantage by only serving big, carb-filled meals that are heavy on an empty stomach. Breakfasts that consist of light fluffy eggs, crunchy toasts, warm waffles and pancakes. What’s not to love?

Lucky for us and the people who sleep in longer or have random breakfast cravings, these 6 cafes in TTDI serves an all-day breakfast menu that we can order anytime of the day.