Always wanted to try baking but felt intimidated by all the measurements and ingredients to purchase? These baking kits will help you out.

You’ve watched these ASMR baking channels, but now you don’t know how and where to begin. Getting ingredients would be the very first step but because of the MCO, it may be impossible for some to even step out the door. That’s why these restaurants, cafes and bakeries have curated a special baking kit, so you can continue on your journey to be a Masterchef baker without leaving your home.

What exactly is a baking kit? It’s pretty self-explanatory. Essentially it’s a kit that consists of a step-by-step guide and ingredients you’ll need to bake a dessert or more at home. Most of the times, these baking kits would already have all you need to bake a complete meal but some will need you to include eggs, milk or butter — which we’re sure are already staples at your home.

Purchasing these baking kits will also help these eateries out during this time of hardship. Here are six for you to consider.

Botanica + Co Valrhona Chocolate Pudding Home Kit

One of the most decadent chocolate cakes is surprisingly easy to make, even more so with this kit. Valrhona Chocolate Pudding Home Kit consists of 55% Valrhona chocolate and sugar, butter, mixed flour and step-by-step instructions. All you need to add on your own are eggs, which you would already have at home.

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Souka Bake At Home Kit

Souka Bakeshop’s Bake At Home Kit has everything you need to make a banana loaf. All of the ingredients are already included in this kit, so what you need to do is just basically dropping them a message to order. They offer deliver and pick up services.

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Entier Soufflé Kit

This may be the easiest baking kit in this list, because all you need to do is bake it! You can have Entier’s famed soufflé at home, freshly-baked from the oven. The kit consists of the soufflé batter, 70% single-origin Pahang chocolate and step-by-step instructions on how to bake it to perfection.

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Delectable by Su DIY Kit

This baking kit can not only make one but three choices of desserts for you to choose from. You can either make a cupcake, pancake or a mini cake. Instructions for all of them are written on the kit and what you need to add onto this are just milk and oil or butter.

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The Kitchen Project Baking Kit

This kit is what you need to jumpstart your baking journey at home. What you’ll find in this kit is all-purpose floor, bread flour, yeast, fine sugar, brown sugar, cocoa powder, rolled oats, chocolate buttons, vanilla essence, baking powder and baking soda. These are essentially the main ingredients of what you need to bake either bread, cakes or cookies. If you’re still unsure of what to do, don’t worry as there’s a butter cake recipe provided in this kit.

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Yellow Brick Road Pancake Kits

You can now make Yellow Brick Road’s best-selling pancakes right at home. There are two pancake kits offered: Lazy Sunday Mix provides a ready mix batter that you can immediately put on the pan and flip, and The DIY Hero contains dry mix (which you just need to add eggs and milk) that you can store aside for breakfast emergencies.

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