We have had our fair share of croissants and burnt cheesecakes, fried chicken and also nasi lemak at our favourite dining outlets.  But what if we told you that there are new ones opening as we speak?

Here’s where you should be heading to this month to check out the latest restaurants and cafes in KL, including a brand new Vietnamese outpost in Bangsar and an Instagrammable breakfast spot in Desa Park City.


The folks behind Table & Apron have something new to excite fellow foodies, especially with irresistible pastries. Get your caffeine fix here while indulging in flaky and buttery croissants. There’s a wide variety of croissants including cinnamon, almond and pistachio variants. Have them on its own or with its specialty fluffy crabmeat scrambled eggs. (Photo: Source)

Cafe Deli by El Meson

Bacon and eggs are made even better at the swanky Cafe Deli by El Meson that recently opened its doors at Desa Park City. Spot some of the crafty hand-painted pieces by the talented Nala Designs as you dig in a hearty breakfast here. For lunch or dinner, come for some delicious paella and porky dishes, including the premium Iberico cuts.

Dao Dessert

Helmed by Ipoh-born Lau siblings whose family have been running a bean curd stall in Bercham for over two decades, you’re guaranteed that Dao Dessert has a lot to offer. The taufufah is made using a family heirloom recipe, resulting in an extra silky and smooth texture served with ginger, brown or white syrup. Try also the soy ice cream as well as house special soy-based shaved ice creations and smoothie bowls which come in a variety of toppings.

Gold Standard Pho

Bangsar continues to excite with the opening of a new Vietnamese restaurant, the Gold Standard Pho. It lives up to expectations with exceptional bowls of pho featuring specialty homemade hand-cut rice noodles. Though the selections are limited, portions are generous here. Don’t forget to include the spring rolls in your order. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Vietnamese egg coffee comprising a raw egg in strong fruity coffee, an extremely rare treat in KL.

The Arch

The vaults in this restaurant offer a unique dining experience but if you make your way to the bar area, you’ll stumble upon a very Instagrammable spot for your #OOTD shot. However, one should come here not only for its live band and music but also a menu of inspired Thai dishes including the sweet corn salad with salted egg, Thai-style calamari, green curry and more.

Starving Hub

Starving Hub is curated by Chef Wong who used spearhead Noble House. The restaurant brings comfort food to the table, but with a modern twist to Chinese cooking. Expect creative morsels including the Special Three Flavour Mini Cones Treasure and money bags on sticks. There are also the cafe must-haves including steak and fries, burgers and lamb rack to tantalise your taste buds.

Martin Teo
Content Editor
Martin loves traveling the world to see ancient ruins and classical architecture. He enjoys the culinary experience of various cities but (still) refuses to eat anything insect-like. On a daily basis, he finds time hitting the gym to compensate for the amount of food he needs to eat just to write an article.