Pizzas are a crowd pleaser and favoured by many no matter the age or gender. We would have never thought that this simple Italian creation of dough, sauce and toppings  baked together can be such an indulgent treat. Have a party coming up? Pizza deliveries are at your service.

But why settle for your regular oven-baked pizza when more restaurants in KL are harnessing the power of wood fire to plate up such deliciousness. It’s an ancient technique used by Europeans in the past to bake bread but now used to serve pizzas worldwide.

Unlike modern household ovens, these masonry ovens do not have a consistent temperature. An open fire is used to cook — so you’ll see the unevenness of the crust (compared to an oven baked one) and some tend to be darker on certain areas. Thanks to that, wood fired pizzas gives a different texture in every bite unlike oven baked pizzas. These are crunchy on the outside, soft of the inside. Every outcome is different, making it very unique.

Cooking in a wood fired oven is also known to be more beneficial. Since less cooking time is required, the fruits and vegetables are able to retain their antioxidants and nutrients. Other benefits include: a boost in flavours due to the heat distribution and smoky scent from the flames.

But that’s enough pizza-talking. Here’s where you can indulge in good wood fired pizzas in Kuala Lumpur.