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Here comes a month when the celebrations and festivities have slowed down a little but the dining scene is still as vibrant, if not more. St. Regis KL has just introduced traditional Basque cuisine to KL folks.  The Basque menu, served once every month, brings you to the home country of St. Regis KL’s brand Executive Chef Pedro Samper. This is the first time that ardent foodies in KL will be able to enjoy this beautiful cuisine prepared the traditionally but served the modern way — a great option if you’re already sick of Chinese food.

That said, this month’s new restaurants are pretty much centred across local and Asian cuisine with comfort Chinese cooking being the main theme. The Ding’s in SS2 is where you can find warm noodle soups that are infused with sake while Super Ramen by Ru Di Fook serves a whole Boston lobster in a bowl of ramen loaded with all sorts of condiments.

Sounds like much? But if you’re done with tossing yee sang and all the Chinese New Year cookies, it’s time for a little detox with some healthy options or comfort food without indulging just a little bit. Here are 7 new restaurants in and around Kuala Lumpur to check out this month.

(Featured image: Jamie Lee)

Super Boring Club

With a super cool interior and an exciting menu to offer, the Super Boring Club definitely ‘failed’ to live up to its name. But don’t be fooled by its name as it is really a great place to visit especially on weekend nights. The new addition to Jalan Mesui doubles up as a bar as well as a Korean-Japanese fusion barbeque place. Start off with the Grilled Miso Eggplant and the Tori Garlic Chicken, or the Yummy Spicy Baby Octopus (baby octopus, watermelon, mushrooms and pea sprout tossed in a spicy lime sauce, topped with edible flowers). For mains, select from the many combo sets comprising lamb char siew, wagyu beef, chicken, squid and more. If you’re not full yet by now, order the Korean Spicy Rice Bowl to complete your meal. (Credit: @Super Boring Club)

The Grumpy Waiter

The Grumpy Waiter by Shereene Kung Abdullah is the latest addition to Sri Hartamas dining scene. After 20 years in the F&B business focusing on Lebanese cuisine, this is the first time Shereene is venturing into local cooking. Come here for its northern style Nyonya dishes that offer a more tangy and spicy flavour profile. Sample Shereene’s signature Thai Laksa that comes in a rich flavourful gravy with a generous serving of fish chunks, topped with crunchy bean sprouts, four-angled beans, cucumber, fresh basil, mint and torch ginger. (Credit: @tgfarina)

The Grill

If the sound of barbecued meat and grilled fish tickles your fancy, you have a reason to visit The Grill by Chef Jeff Ramsey. It is located at TREC KL, one of the most happening hotspots in KL and set amidst a casual dining space. Enjoy fresh and high-quality produce cooked using a custom-made grill – the first of its kind in Malaysia that ensures the perfect cooking condition for the best tasting grilled food.

Super Ramen by Ru Di Fook

You can count on a bowl of ramen as a comforting meal after a long day. Head over to Super Ramen — brought to you by the boys behind Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar in Kota Damansara – for a wide variety of ramen options including the tantalising King of Pork Chop Ramen and the Boston Sea Kaiju Ramen (lobster basically). The latest to enter the menu is its Japanese Asari Clam Ramen that is served in a potent whisky ginger broth. (Credit: @superramenbyrudifook)

The Ding's

If you’re in dire need of comfort food, The Ding’s is where you should go for a nourishing meal comprising steamed herbal chicken and clam noodles in sake infused broth. Fans of dong po yoke (slow-braised pork belly) served with fluffy steamed buns would be pleased to know that the rendition at The Ding’s is truly an indulgent treat – tender and flavourful pork belly that simply melts in your month. Pair your meals with sake for a complete dining experience at The Ding’s. (Credit: @thedingskl)

The Puntry

Put together ice cream, crispy fried chicken and freshly made waffles – that’s your recipe to pure indulgence. At Puntry, you get the best of both worlds – piping hot chicken and icy cold homemade ice cream. Available only on weekends, the menu at Puntry changes every week with a selection of rice bowls like the “Wagyu talking about?” comprising beer rice, wagyu and onsen egg, as well as a wide selection of ice cream flavours. There are also ice cream tasting events, so be sure to check out their Instagram for updates. (Credit: @puns_icecreamkl)

Zoe Bangsar

Founder and chef Zoe Rai brings together a tantalising Thai affair during the day at Zoe Bangsar with the must-try khao soi, a dish of flat egg noodles with a spicy coconut cream broth and chicken (a vegetarian option is also available). For dinner, the kitchen switches to serving European dishes like the Italian lamb ragu pappardelle, spinach and chestnut gnocchi and risotto. If you’re here for dinner, Zoe’s hazelnut tiramisu comes highly recommended – and interestingly doesn’t contain any coffee or alcohol. (Credit: @zoebangsar)

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