There’s a new food establishment in Damansara Heights called The Republik where KL’s latest gastronomic hub is located. The emergence of young chefs and talents in the industry is a breath of fresh air, with many of these new restaurants offering a different dining experience. Playte for instance is helmed by three young chefs who showed nothing but flair and finesse in the food they plate. Thai restaurant Krung Thep on the other hand takes you on a journey into the regional cuisines of the kingdom with a chef who is heavily inspired by Khmer-inspired northeastern Thai cooking — which means spicier with more kick.

With the entire month of August already ladened with Malaysian-themed food and drinks, September is time for you to explore something new at these latest restaurants and cafes in KL.

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Give British-colonial Indian cuisine a try at the beautifully designed Frangipaani at Republik Damansara Heights. There’s a lot to sample here, so it beckons more than just one visit. Some recommendations include Malai Kofta (spiced potato balls), Lamb Rogan Josh, as well as Aloo Mmong Sprouts Chaat (potato and mung beansprout dish) served with a side of fried dough. Finish off with a melange of traditional desserts and a glass or Chai Martini.

Krung Thep

Another new addition to Republik Damansara Heights is Krung Thep. The Thai restaurant focuses on regional cuisines from different provinces in Thailand, helmed by head chef Gug who’s originally from Khon Kaen in northeastern Isan region of Thailand where Khmer influences are strong in its cooking. Having experience working in establishments like Nahm in Bangkok, diners will be assured a delightful journey into the significant flavours of the cuisines that celebrate the best from land and sea. Come here to sample some of the most underrated Thai dishes that are not your usual pad see ew or krapow.

Playte / Eggy

Three young chefs Brendon Chen, Kae Huey and Sharon Aidid embark on a culinary adventure through Playte that checks the boxes as a restaurant that champions locavorism. Dishes are exquisite and refined, presented in beautifully crafted plates that promise enough theatrics for the eyes and the palate. Whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner (the first two is branded under the name Eggy), you’ll be able to enjoy specialty dishes that are both creative and promising — especially when you have someone like chef Brendon who has cut his teeth in Taiwan’s Mume and Nadodi KL commanding the kitchen.


Contemporary casual cafe, Therefore is the third F&B outpost by FourbyFORE — the brains behind Forebidden and Foremula Cafe (both located in Ara Damansara). The interiors fuse local elements with a touch of plush, wrapped in a soft feminine palette of coral and green hues. Enjoy a good mix of crowd-pleasing recipes, as well as comforting Asian and Malaysian dishes that are sure to hit you at the right spot. The expansive Instagrammable space is also perfect for large parties and special events.


The bubble tea craze continues to grow with a local brand joining the foray. Cuaca brings a unique Malaysian tea experience with handcrafted drinks infused with local flavours. The name takes inspiration literally from the Malay word for weather, a tropical climate that’s excellent for growing and harvesting tea and crops. There are three series — tea, milk and fruits — with handcrafted drinks that are meant to be thirst quenchers.

Rage Social Club

Tucked in Menana UOA where the Bangsar LRT station is, Rage Social Club is a standout especially with its bright pink neon lights illuminating its interiors. Drinks are quite unusual but spectacularly satisfying here. Expect flat whites with a mix of oat, coconut or soy milk, matcha drinks with sour plum or sweet palm sugar and other special combos to keep you feeling excited all afternoon. There are also hot food items including Sambal Aglio Olio, rice bowls and specialty sandwiches.


If you’re still wondering where to go for vegan-friendly and vegetarian food, Gossypium is a great place to be at — serving an Australian casual dining menu that caters to both ardent carnivores and strict herbivores. There’s a good balance of healthy and hearty items, so you can choose between indulging in a meat-loaded rice dishes or a simple avocado on toast. At night, the restaurants transforms into an alfresco style dining that’s perfect for a quiet date or dinner with friends.

Vogue Lounge KL

If you’ve been to the Vogue Lounge in Bangkok, you’d instantly recall the vibrant setting that’s peppered with fashion elements alongside an extensive menu of Western and Asian-inspired food. In the same vein, the latest Vogue Lounge in Kuala Lumpur carries a similar concept of a fashionably sophisticated dining in an ultra-chic ambience. Located on the 38th floor of Menara SUEZCAP, the rooftop garden-esque restaurant offers a fusion of Japanese and French cooking with a great wine collection to boot.

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