Here’s some good news for all you barbecue fans — there are several new restaurants in town specialising in grilled meats and seafood, as well as one that’s focusing on Uruguayan-style barbecue. For health freaks, you can also head over to The BIG Group’s latest venture — Ben’s Charcoal Chicken — for a well-balanced, protein-loaded meals if vegan food is not really your thing.

And if you’re still wondering where to cafe-hop or dine this weekend, here are nine new restaurants and cafes in KL to check out in August 2019.

(Featured image: Kampachi)


For those who are familiar with Umai (traditional Melanau delicacy comprising raw shrimp and spices marinated with lime juice), you’d be sure to enjoy the appetising flavours of Sarawak at the newly opened Umai in TTDI. Come here for the quintessential Sarawak laksa, mee kolok or the hearty nasi lalapan (a rice dish consisting of eight different ingredients). The interiors are quaint with artistic elements inspired by the nature and culture of Sarawak state.

Kampachi EQ

The latest outpost of the Kampachi Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur features a Hinoki Wood sushi counter that will take your sushi omakase experience to the next level. Enjoy the magnificent interiors that’s decorated with natural elements and a touch of Japanese culture. On the menu, diners will be able to sample delicate Japanese cuisine and Kampachi’s signature premium sashimi cuts. (Credit: Blu Water Studio)

December Eighteen

Old school and rustic is the overarching theme at December Eighteen. At the entrance, you’ll walk in to the vernacular grille in homes during the 70s, painted in patriotic colours like blue, red and yellow. Don’t be surprised to have your drinks served in vintage F&N glasses and dishes served in those floral-printed plates. There are a lot of comfort food to choose from, including the house special beef noodles. At December Eighteen, you’ll also be able to shop for stationeries and antiques, as well as partake in workshops and events.

Dough & Dolce

If you’re looking for a good place for breakfast or brunch, Dough & Dolce is where you can get delicious pastries, freshly baked bread and a comforting cup of latte. The menu is unpretentious, but try its fancy (and social-media friendly) dishes like the grilled sandwich with unique fillings and the crabmeat scrambled eggs. On your way out, grab with you some homemade bread including the blue pea flower sourdough.


Popular Taiwanese croissant chain Hazukido is finally here with its first outlet in Subang’s infamous bubble tea street — its first in Southeast Asia as well. Sink your teeth in the crispy exterior that complements the soft, buttery inner layer, with 15 flavours and fillings to choose from. Our favourites are the caramel brûlée mille, sea salt buttery croissant and the Aomori Sun Fuji apple

croissant. (Credit: Source)

Char Line Asado + Bar

Char Line Asado + Bar features a delightful menu of firewood-fuelled barbecues of meats, seafood and vegetables. The concept is inspired by a family trip to Uruguay — the founders of Char Line crafted a special grill that’s based on traditional Uruguayan wood-fire pit. When you’re here, try the Txogitxu ribeye sourced from a San Sebastian-based Spanish meat company. The meat is beautifully marbled and fatty, with exquisite flavours and textures that melts in the mouth. Pair it with either the bone marrow jus or the herbaceous chimichurri — dare we say, the best one KL has to offer.

Ben's Charcoal Chicken

The BIG Group continues to impress with new dining experiences with the recent revamp of Pasta Bella and the latest Ben’s Charcoal Chicken, located on the same row as Ganga Cafe and Baba Low’s. Unlike other rotisseries, expect tantalising twists on the classic roasted chicken with a melange of sauces and marinades, as well as a bevy of sides to couple with. We’d recommend the Spicy Piri-Piri Grilled for some Kristang flavours, or the classic Signature secret recipe that is sweetened with hints of sesame and onions.

Plato Grill & Steak

Plato Grill & Steak is where the real deal is. The restaurant offers a wide range of premium meats from Japanese wagyu to Australian Hereford beef for you to choose from. Take a pick on a piece that you want and have the kitchen team fire it up to your preferred cooking style — medium rare or well done. Pair these luscious meat with a glass (or two) of red wine to complete your meal here.


Located in the heart of Chow Kit, Rise & Shine by Tapestry is where you can find classic brunch dishes inspired by Malaysian flavours. Its rendition of a ‘breakfast’ includes locally-sourced ingredients, homemade breads and passionately brewed coffee. The exterior is chic — emulating European bakeries — while the interiors are exceptionally Instagrammable. Find a seat at the courtyard where you get the best ambience (and lighting) for the perfect flatlay.

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