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A new must-try American burger parlour debuts at Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting welcomes another first. 

If you enjoy the juicy sandwich at Burger & Lobster, you are obliged to drop by Five Guys on your next visit. Debuting in Malaysia at Resorts World Genting on October 25, the American burger parlour founded in Washington DC will occupy 2,600 sq ft of space in the vibrant Sky Avenue – more than adequate for 50 diners.  

A DC area favourite since 1986, the restaurant is the result of a conscious choice. In lieu of pursuing a college degree, the Murrell brothers chose entrepreneurship. Their business? A carry-out burger joint in Arlington, Virginia. Quickly developing a reputation for scrumptious burgers, their business grew exponentially. They began offering franchising to prospective partners in 2003 and nearly 2 decades later, Five Guys counts over 1,700 locations spread across the globe. 

Though the kindred spirit has since flourished into a worldwide network, Five Guys has maintained a steadfast commitment in quality and versatility.  

The brothers reveal that their buns are baked daily. All of their patties are all hand-formed and 100% beef in accordance to an 80/20 lean beef-to-fat ratio. Fries are all hand-cut and cooked in pure peanut oil. You will also never encounter a microwave in their outlet as a testament to freshness.  

Five Guys at Resorts World Genting

Whether it is a burger, hotdog or sandwich, Five Guys offers a range of 15 free toppings. If you are a mathematician, it means there are up to a whopping 250,000 permutations. Even for best-sellers like the Bunless Burger Bowl or the Chicago Dog, you can still customise it to cater to your own palate by picking or omitting toppings and condiments such as tomato, relish, pickles, hot sauce, mustard, green pepper and more. 

Made in boardwalk style, the fries are firm on the outside with a creamy, mashed centre. You may alternatively try them with spicy Cajun seasoning. Pile on the calories guilt-free with milkshakes bolstered with 8 free mix-ins such as salted caramel, chocolate and malted milk.  

Five Guys at Resorts World Genting

If too much choice terrifies you, I suggest you stick with staples like the Classic Cheeseburger and All-beef Hot Dog.  

For those with dietary restrictions, Five Guys is pork-free. It operates daily from 11am to 10pm. Discover them at Lot SA – T2A – 25, Zouk Atrium, Sky Avenue, Resort World Genting. 


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