Chinese New Year is the time of the year for families to get together to usher in prosperity and happiness – this time in the year of the boar. While diners are busy looking for the best Chinese restaurants to satisfy their cravings for classic Chinese cuisine including must-have dishes like pun choy (braised assorted seafood and meat dish), steamed fish (just for extra luck – symbolically) and any prawn dish which represents happiness.

Superstition aside, chefs are also looking at creative ways to present an interesting array of food to tantalise the demanding appetites of diners. Just looking at the types of yee sang designs in Chinese restaurants around KL this year — you’ll be amazed by the level of creativity and effort that is being put into conceptualising each dish.

If you’re still trying to decide where to have those reunion dinners with family and friends, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of tried-and-trusted Chinese restaurants in town that offers their best signature dishes this Chinese New Year.