Have a feast at these nasi padang restaurants in KL.

Originating from West Sumatra, Indonesia is one of its most popular meals: nasi padang. Its the cuisine of the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra, featuring steamed rice with an assortment of pre-cooked dishes. This usually includes various meats, fish, vegetables, curries, and sambal.

With travel borders still closed, this is one way to get some of your favourite Indonesian-style cuisines. While it isn’t anything like how it is in Indonesia, these nasi padang places around KL and PJ will more than get the job done. What’s great about nasi padang is that most of its dishes will have some spice to it — if you’re a fan of all things chilli and spice, this is something for you.

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Restaurant Sederhana

Always a popular place for the lunch crowd is Restaurant Sederhana in the Chow Kit neighbourhood of KL. Sederhana offers a wide variety of dishes from different meats to fish, curried vegetables, and even tempeh. What’s great is that Sederhana itself is a popular chain around Indonesia, which further backs its claim as one of the top places to get nasi padang.

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Restaurant Rose

Another popular choice for nasi padang is Restaurant Rose, which also has a loyal following. While its location is less than ideal, don’t let the atmosphere and ambiance fool you — you’re there for the food and the food alone. Aside from the various dishes you can have, Restaurant Rose is also known for its satay.

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Restaurant Grand Garuda Baru

Garuda is another popular chain from Indonesia and it has also found its way onto our shores. Restaurant Grand Garuda Baru offers plenty of dishes for one to choose from while also being highly affordable. Be sure to check out its ayam bakar as well as its ayam goreng and beef rendang to name a few.

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Restaurant Nasi Kapau

Chow Kit is a popular area to find nasi padang and Restaurant Nasi Kapau is one of them as well. Restaurant Nasi Kapau is a famous spot for its cheap price tag to go along with its delicious food. Its sambal is also well-touted as one of the spiciest.

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Restaurant Nasi Padang Kg. Baru-Putra

Our last on the list is Restaurant Nasi Padang Kg. Baru-Putra with its wide range of curried meats, fish, and veggies alongside fried food like chicken and fish as well. What’s great about this place as well as every other location on this list is that it’s affordable, which is something many are looking for, especially in today’s economy.

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