Mention wagyu and chunks of meat seared till the outsides are caramelised while the insides remain a blushing pink in all its resplendent juicy glory come to mind. These cuts are prized for their fat content seen in the marbled quality of the meat. Indeed, there’s certainly no lack of restaurants where you can have Japanese wagyu beef in KL. Even so, there’s a catch: not all cuts and even cow breeds are created the same.

For starters, Wagyu hails from Japan, where its name means ‘Japanese cow’. It refers to four specific breeds: Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Polled, and Japanese Shorthorn.

These original breeds were then exported to other cattle-rearing countries like Australia, US, Canada and the UK where they are crossed with indigenous breeds. For that reason, those looking for quality wagyu should just go straight for the Japanese cuts.

One way of distinguishing Japanese wagyu from that of other countries is to note the letter and number in front of the beef. This ranges from A1 to A5, where A5 denotes the fattiest cut.

So the next time you flip open a menu to dig into some delicious wagyu beef, be sure to look out for these numbers. Here are some restaurants to head to.