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Looking for the best rojak in all of KL and PJ? You’ve come to the right place.

A dish that is synonymous with Malaysian culture, rojak is considered to be one of the all-time favourites amongst locals. It’s often used to describe the very fabric of our existence, being a “mixture” or an “eclectic mix”, which is essentially what rojak translates to.

It’s a dish of Indonesian and Javanese origins, which usually includes traditional fruits and salads. In Malaysia, you will find our rojak carrying similar ingredients. However, rojak in Malaysia has different varieties. There’s the Mamak rojak, which is also known as pasembur in the northern regions like Penang. Unlike the fruit rojak that you will usually find, the Mamak-style rojak features a plate of savoury bites.

This usually includes prawn fritters, fried dough fritters, cuttlefish, tofu, beansprouts, potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, and topped off with a healthy serving of thick, sweet and spicy peanut sauce. What’s great about rojak is that it also goes hand-in-hand with cendol. You can usually find one alongside the other.

If that’s enough to whet your appetite, be sure to scroll down to check out where you can find the best rojak in KL and PJ.

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Rojak Bellamy
Rojak Bellamy

Starting off our list is Rojak Bellamy, a staple amongst many locals as serving the best mee rebus and rojak in all of Klang Valley. It’s gotten so popular to the point it has a second outlet in Damansara Heights. It’s the perfect weekend breakfast spot but be sure to head there early as it tends to fill up by mid-morning.

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Rojak Bangsar Petronas
Rojak Bangsar Petronas

Given the availability of street food in Malaysia, it’s no surprise that you will find this particular rojak stall in Bangsar operating out of a food truck on the side of the road. To be more precise, it’s located right in front of the Petronas station and it serves up a healthy bowl of mamak rojak, complete with its sweet and spicy sauce.

(Image credit: @ainghafar)

Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa
Rojak & Cendol Mustaffa

An ever-popular location for cendol, the rojak is also not to be undone. It features fried prawn fritters, hard-boiled eggs, fried tofu, beansprouts, cucumbers, and a massive serving of its signature sweet and spicy sauce. Of course, this goes well with the cendol that’s located on the food truck beside it.

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Hasan's Rojak & Cendol
Hasan's Rojak & Cendol

Located in Sea Park, Petaling Jaya is where you will find Hasan’s Rojak & Cendol. Much like many other rojak stalls, it also operates out of a food truck. An ever-popular choice would be having the rojak with squid as it gives it much greater flavour and texture with every bite. You can also wash it down with a delicious bowl of cendol.

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Rojak SS15 Subang Jaya
Rojak SS15 Subang Jaya

Of course, there’s no forgetting the OG of it all in Subang Jaya. This particular stall used to be situated directly opposite the football field of SS15 Subang Jaya. Now, it has two locations, both of which are in Petaling Jaya. Thankfully, the rojak here is still up to standard without any increase to its price.

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