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Beyond matcha, here’s where you can find the best tea desserts in KL

The history of tea began many millennia ago, supposedly in China when it was accidentally discovered by Emperor Shen Kong in 2737 B.C. Since then, tea has spread to Europe in the 1600s during the rule of the British East India Company and with that, all over the world wherever the British empire touched.

Today, tea is the most consumed drink across the globe and is used in various ways — allegedly for health benefits, for cooking, baking and dessert-making. The creation of different tea types — from roasted ones like Genmaicha and Hojicha, to more oxidised black tea like Puer and Earl Grey — has paved the way for unique flavours to be created using tea, especially in desserts.

If you’ve exhausted your palette with green tea flavoured sweet treats, it is up to upgrade to the more robust and bright flavours of roasted tea and finely ground matcha. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite tea desserts in KL, including some that are only available upon orders online.



The signature Iron Lady Milk Tea Kakigori is our top pick here at After Meal Dessert Cafe located in Damansara Uptown. High quality ‘tie guan yin’ tea is shaved into bingsu-grade snow ice and served with chewy and soft taro balls, pearls, aduki and almond flakes. The taro balls and boba are served separately, but when eaten together, you’ll get a harmony of textures perfumed by pure tea fragrance. A little advice; be ready to join the queue during weekends.

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Located in Taman Desa, Wild Sheep Chase Cafe is the first souffle cafe in KL and it continues to take souffle-making seriously with various iterations of tea-flavoured desserts including the signature Hojicha Souffle. Enjoy these desserts with its fruit teas or our favourite, the Earl Grey Milk Tea.

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It is hard to say no to these Super Gooey Matcha White Chocolate Cookies that are baked with premium ingredients and perfected with Niko Neko’s signature Yuri pure matcha powder. The bright and vibrant green coloured chocolate oozes out as you break the cookie in two, making it the perfect snack to enjoy with coffee, and to photograph for the gram. Available in its Bangsar joint or through its online store.

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This Genmaicha Canelé takes French desserts to a whole new level with flavours that hit the spot, especially for tea connoisseurs. The nuttiness of the roasted brown rice elevates the flavour of green tea in these petit cakes. Crusty on the outside, soft and custardy on the inside, the canelés are finished off with a generous dusting of pure matcha powder. Don’t forget to check out its Thai Tea and Caramel Macarons as well. These sweet treats are available for order online or at selected Niko Neka Matcha outposts.

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The Baking Trip is a collaboration between two KL-based home bakers, Gillian Beh and Neo Shen Jet. There are many creations to choose from but the Hojicha Cheese Foam Cake is a standout when it comes to tea-flavoured desserts. The cake is soft and spongy with plenty of air bubbles that ensure its fluffiness. Smell and taste the strong Hojicha notes that is best paired with a hot roasted or black tea.

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You can never go wrong with tea-infused macarons that are crusty on the outside and gooey on the inside, especially the signature Marie Antoinette Tea at Ladurée. Bite into these morsels and enjoy a burst of tea fragrance interlaced with sweet floral notes. Of course, pair these macarons with a pot of Marie Antoinette Tea.

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