The craze for burnt cheesecakes in KL has yet to fizzle off. Since it’s entry into Malaysia early this year, this Spanish recipe has been replicated by local bakers looking to try out its unconventional techniques. What started off as a mistake in the kitchen has turned into a delightful surprise for gourmands around the world — at least for once, burning something is a good thing.

The burnt cheesecake originates in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. The Spanish town is famed for its picturesque coastal promenade and world-renowned restaurants helmed by some of the most innovative chefs in the world. Unlike the New York rendition, the Basque burnt cheesecake is intentionally baked at a higher temperature with no crust or toppings. It incorporates heavy cream to make the texture even more silky and rich.

If cheesecakes are your Achilles’ heel, here are seven places (and reasons) in KL to enjoy them.

(Featured image: @fatmumslim)