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Hennessy XO Odyssey comes to DC Restaurant for 2017

Good news, foodies. You don’t need to wait another six years to see Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia’s follow-up to its highly-anticipated culinary collaboration with one of the top chefs in the country. This time around, you only need to wait for two more weeks before you can go on another seven-course gastronomic adventure organised by Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia.

The luxury wine and spirit maker is all set to launch the second Hennessy XO Odyssey — an annual culinary collaboration that’s meant to articulate the seven tasting notes of Hennessy XO Cognac — at DC Restaurant by Darren Chin in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail on 17 July this year. Previously titled Hennessy Appreciation Grows, the event comes just eight months after its 2016 edition.

Hennessy XO Odyssey
Image credit: Moet Hennessy Diageo Malaysia

In an intimate dinner at DC Restaurant on 26 May, France-trained chef Darren Chin teased local gourmands with a truly luxurious and bold menu. It featured an eclectic mix of seven courses, including Japanese snow crab, Italian veal tenderloin, Botan ebi and Galician octopus with burnt leeks. These dishes were deftly created to pair perfectly with the sweet, spicy, woody and robust notes of the Hennessy XO cognac.

LifestyleAsia was lucky to be among the first to enjoy the symphony of flavours that Chin, one of the rising stars in the Malaysian culinary scene, composed for the upcoming Hennessy XO Odyssey. And we weren’t disappointed. With the deftness of an artist, he concocted scrumptious and gorgeously plated offerings that matched harmoniously with the cognac. It’s no surprise, considering how Chin is known his honest, unpretentious way of cooking and penchant for incorporating the freshest produce in his food.

You can enjoy the Hennessy XO Odyssey 2017 menu, paired with Hennessy XO, for RM888+ per person from 17 July to 14 August.

DC Restaurant, No. 44, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For reservations, contact +603 7731 0502 or +6012 223 2991.

Botan ebi with heirloom tomato granite, konbu, lemon basil, and chili oil

Known for combining classical French fare with Japanese cuisine, DC Restaurant chef Darren Chin highlighted the natural sweetness of Botan shrimp sashimi by pairing it with heirloom tomato granite. The chopped kelp (which was soaked in basil and olive oil) infused in the frozen tomato sauce added a hint of Japanese flavour into this otherwise French dish.

Pair this with Hennessy XO on the rocks to highlight the cognac’s sweet notes.

Takao cold somen with Ogawa bafun uni

Sweet, briny and creamy, these orange slivers of Bafun sea urchin kept us yearning for more. They came served on top of very thin white Japanese noodles (made from wheat flour), which were mixed with a fragrant truffle cream. We finished every bite. Now, we understand why this dish has been on and off DC Restaurant’s menu in the last three years.

Pair this with Hennessy XO with a splash of water to accentuate the cognac’s oak notes that linger in the mouth.

Galician octopus in dark rye crumbs

Perhaps the most innovative dish of the night, this third dish featured succulent pieces of octopus complemented by earthy-tasting bits of rye. The octopus had been grilled over Binchotan (white) charcoal with a piece of leek, so as to bring out its natural flavours.

Pair this with Hennessy XO with warm water to enhance the cognac’s woody notes, which hit the palate with hints of oak mixed with vanilla.

Snow crab broth infused with herbs

Now in season in Japan, snow crabs are delivered alive every week to DC Restaurant’s kitchen. Chin used a crab shell to make a simple yet tasty broth that was served to us in a sake glass. It comprised the first half of our fourth course for the evening. Packed with rich, umami-laden flavour, the broth was addictively delicious. When savoured with Hennessy XO with a splash of water, we were surprised that the combination carried a subtly spicy aftertaste.

Pair this with Hennessy XO with a splash of water to boost its spicy, peppery notes.

Japanese snow crab with white asparagus

Everyone got a little bit excited upon seeing a white dome covering the second part of our fourth course. More than a nice aesthetic touch, taking off the cover released an intense, earthy aroma coming from the black summer truffles underneath. These were served atop a bed of crab meat and white asparagus, and drizzled with a spicy Thai dipping sauce.

Pair this with Hennessy XO with a splash of water to boost its spicy, peppery notes.

Organic chicken with Bertutu spice

Juicy and tender, this organic meat (sourced from Uncle Rani Chicken Farm in Sungai Buloh) tasted nothing like what we’ve had recently. We loved that the roasted chicken was coated with a spicy ayam bertutu (Balinese) spice mix with fresh turmeric and chili powder. Dipping it in belachan shrimp paste with vegetable vinaigrette also added a subtle sweet taste to the dish.

Pair this with Hennessy XO with a splash of cold water to enhance its warm, full-bodied and robust flavour that washes the senses with every sip.

Italian veal fillet poached in milk

Clearly, the highlight of the night was this Italian veal that was flown in all the way from the northern part of the European country. The tender fillet was poached in milk and lightly grilled with a foie gras emulsion. But we loved it even more when we dipped it with the Cambodian kampot pepper sauce. We’re glad to know that this recipe is offered regularly at DC Restaurant.

Pair this main course with Hennessy XO as it is to reveal the intensity of its oak-infused flavour.

Chocolate Lull

Our gastronomic journey ended on the right note with a dessert called Chocolate Lull. We enjoyed the rich, chocolatey flavours that oozed out of its tasty combination of Arabica coffee gelato and hairy banana (a species of seeded red or pink bananas) spiced with cinnamon.

Pair this dessert with Hennessy XO as it is to accentuate the cognac’s rich, dark chocolate taste that is slightly sweet and bitter.