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6 easy recipes you need to try for the best fries ever at home

No one will be able to say no to your fries with these tried-and-true recipes.

French fries: what a glorious food. Here’s a crowd-pleasing dish that, whenever its name is mentioned, pleases almost all vegan, vegetarians, and carnivores alike. The deep-fried, golden-brown potato is the ultimate comfort food. Something about the softer insides and the crispy-edged skin just finds a way to everyone’s heart.

For fry devotees who want to shift McDonald’s onto their no-no list, homemade French fries are a way to satisfy your craving. Here, we’ve put together a roundup of the best fries recipes, one of almost every popular type you’ve seen sitting on a restaurant’s plate or even in a bag of commercial chips – but better. Let’s get frying. 

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Foolproof French Fries

Nine out of ten times, French fries make a statement at the dining table even before the main is served – so might as well make it worth the hype. This recipe by ChefSteps will walk you through step by step on how you can make crispier, better, and bolder fries that will make everyone go ooh and ahh

Curly Fries

If there’s anything that’s better than the good ol’ fried potato sticks at all, it’s this: curly fries. The spiral-shaped cuts of potato are deep-fried until golden and slightly brown on the edge before getting hit with a pinch of salt or other spices. The fun curly shape alone just elevates the French fries experience to new heights. 

Sweet Potato Fries

When you’re pretty much in the mood to indulge, but the oil-soaked potato just seems to contradict with your current diet, no fret. You can still indulge in your love for fries — just add in more nutrients. Sweet potato fries can give you just that. And yes, you can bake them instead of drowning it in a pool of oil, too.

Potato Wedges

Another form of fry, potato wedges give you a powerful crunch but with extra softness from the centre of the potato stick. So if you’re partial to the softer side for your fries, this recipe is the way to go. Love animal-style, messy, and downright-dirty kind of fries as well? By all means, sprinkle a handful of shredded cheese on top and heat it up briefly for a cheesy plate of goodness.

Potato Stack Fries

Want to amp up your fries game? Make these potato stack fries because they’re sky-high impressive. Ribbons of sliced potato are put into a thick layer then baked and then deep-fried. This achieves that toothsome crunch on the exterior whilst the insides still remain soft. Last but not least, shower the fries with shredded cheese and herbs. A good dipping into ketchup is also just as great. Follow your bliss. 

Waffle Fries

Much like the potato chips we are addicted to, waffle fries provide a photo-ready look as well as a palate-pleasing taste that makes you happy just to see it on the table. Wow your guests with a homemade, from-scratch batch and wait to see their eyes glowing with excitement.

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