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Flex your green thumbs and plant some brassicas – the juicy superfood

Flex your green thumbs and plant some brassicas.

Now is the time to plant brassicas for an early fall harvest. And with so many varieties to choose from, there’s a brassica out there for everyone’s garden! While August is often a time for planting cucurbit crops like zucchini and cucumbers, we tend to think less about preparing for winter. However, now is the time to plant brassicas and to try out all kinds of varieties.

The most obvious choice is the classic green cabbage. This green leafy vegetable has a round core of tightly enveloped leaves and is partial to humid conditions. It can be harvested at the beginning of fall, as soon as the weather starts to turn cool. And, when it comes to cabbages, the names of the many varieties can be just as enticing as their flavor: look for beefheart, stonehead, Copenhagen market or January king, for example.

You could also try leaf cabbage like kale, celeriac, turnips, beets and the lesser loved Brussels sprouts.

Get planting 

When planting brassicas like cabbages, keep the plants spaced 60 cm apart on each side. The soil must be well compacted to prevent the foliage from moving. And the plants should be protected from the weather in 15 cm rows. Those planted in the spring should be replanted in a spot for the winter.

Be careful about watering. August can still be very hot. It’s better to water brassicas at the end of the day to avoid evaporation. And don’t forget to plant your last strawberries to make the most of the final days of summer heat.


Hero and feature images by Henry Perks on Unsplash. The story is published via AFP Relaxnews