Malaysians are all about being in the ‘scene’ when it comes to trying out new restaurants and food trends — nobody wants to be missing out on the latest buzz in town. Remember when the salted egg yolk lava was all the rage at one point that everything from sweet to savoury had the golden cream in it?

In the last three years, the food truck trend is also gaining momentum with foodies looking for quick, fuss-free accessible food. Healthy guilt-free meals are also picking up with more restaurants focusing on poké bowls, salads, juices and other meal replacements. More recently in 2018, modern Malaysian cuisine is taking precedence in the local dining scene with chefs and new dining places heroing local produce and traditional recipes on their menus. Even bars around KL are upping their ante with Malaysian-inspired novelty cocktails, with some playing on the idea of reigniting nostalgia.

We ask some of the top and upcoming chefs in Malaysia on their thoughts over food trends that will be big in 2019. Here’s what they have to say.

(Featured image by Cureé & OpenHouse KLCC)