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Binged on Itaewon Class and got yourself a serious Korean food craving? Head over to these halal Korean restaurants in KL, or have them delivered to you.

One of the great things about the MCO is all the extra time we have to catch up on the programmes we’ve always wanted to watch. By now, you’ve probably already worked your way through these Korean dramas on Netflix we’ve recommended to you at the start of the MCO. If you haven’t developed a craving for Korean food, we’d call you superhuman — or inhuman.

Finding halal Korean restaurants in KL can be challenging, but not impossible. Whether you want to dine out during the CMCO or have it delivered to you at home, these halal Korean restaurants in KL will have you covered. Best of all? They’re actually delicious.

From bibimbap to kimchi jjigae and pajeon, these halal Korean restaurants in KL will satisfy any K-food craving you have. See them all below.


From street snacks like odeng (Korean fishcake sticks) to classic meals like Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and even Korean army stew, the variety in K-Street is immense. If you’ve been patronising this place since its opening in 2008, you might have realised that it’s formerly known as The Street Cafe. The restaurant has several outlets including its original one in SS15 Subang Jaya, Sunway Pyramid, and also Berjaya Times Square.

Need these delivered to you? K-Street is available on GrabFood and Food Panda.

(Image credit: Unsplash/ Markus Winkler)

Eid Authentic Korean Cuisine

It doesn’t get more authentic than this — Eid Authentic Korean Cuisine is opened by Korean Muslims residing in Malaysia. There’s even an outpost in Itaewon, Seoul. Over here, you can enjoy a variety of halal Korean dishes from tteokbokki to bulgogi, fried chicken, and even cheesy corndogs. Dine-in or make your delivery order via the Bungkusit app.

(Image credit: Unsplash/ Jakub Kapusnak)

Sweetree Restaurant

Having recently resumed its dine-in services, regulars of Sweetree Restaurant in Ampang now has the option to dine there, takeaway, or have it delivered to their homes. For those who have yet to try out Sweetree Restaurant, this halal Korean place’s signature and bestseller is the sweet and spicy fried chicken. But of course, you’ll find other dishes here too including traditional stews, Korean BBQ, noodle dishes, and even desserts like bingsu.

For delivery options, you can find Sweetree Restaurant on GrabFood and Oddle.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @sweetreerestaurant)

K Fry Urban Korean

K Fry Urban Korean is another halal Korean eatery that has several outlets spread across the Klang Valley. In fact, the restaurant actually originates from Johor. While you might find the likes of ramyun in the menu, expect everything else to be trendy Korean dishes, much like its name. We’re referring to its bestseller, an extravagant K’razy Spicy Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk, a monster of a dish that has boneless fried chicken dipped in Korean sweet and spicy sauce in a hot plate with melty mozzarella cheese, topped off with some French fries.

To have it delivered to you, find this restaurant on GrabFood.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @kfrymy)

B. Station

Although the team at B.Station has not explicitly mentioned that they have re-opened their restaurant for dine-in services, you can still order for takeaway or delivery options. Food here feels extremely homey, from grilled mackerel with rice to traditional stews, bibimbap, and even a modern cheese buldak (fire chicken with melty cheese) that’s not on the menu, but regulars know to order it anyway.

B.Station is available on GrabFood.

(Image credit: Instagram/ @bstationmy)

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