In collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency, your favourite e-commerce platform is promoting the “Eat Healthy, Taste Italy” campaign.

No matter where you are, there’s always a soft spot for Italian food, but have you thought about what products are actually made from Italy in your home? With HappyFresh’s announcement of a year-long collaboration between the Italian Trade Agency of Kuala Lumpur, the co-funding initiative aims to bring better access and awareness of pork-free and non-halal authentic Italian food from snacks, confectioneries, and cookies to Malaysia. Just from this, it will encourage more Malaysians to be more aware of where their products are coming from, especially with this initiative to shop for genuine ‘Made in Italy’ products.

L-R_ Dr Filippo Fusaro, Trade Commissioner of Italy in Kuala Lumpur; Mr Hu Hun Hui, Managing Director of HappyFresh

The Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, Cristiano Maggipinto says, “the joint initiative is a great opportunity to boost, thanks to the instrument of e-commerce, the consumption of genuine Italian products. It will subsequently allow the market to be aware of the benefits of adopting a true Mediterranean diet and appreciate real Italian ingredients. Besides, with the right partners and through a well-executed marketing plan, the collaboration will also provide an informed platform for consumers to understand the importance of geographical indications in Italian cuisine. The quality of each product is the result of each region’s unique characteristics.”

Hu Hun Hui, Country Managing Director of HappyFresh says, “HappyFresh Malaysia’s core target is those from the middle- and upper-income segment, especially those residing within the Klang Valley area.”

While we’re thrilled to see all of this happening, the special features of authentic “Made in Italy” products will be available on HappyFresh Malaysia platforms from mid-April 2021 onwards.

Amalina Anuar
Senior Writer
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