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Think bar grub is just about deep fried food? Not at AD Bar

When it comes to the drinks menu at a bar, it’s page after page of beers, whiskies, and cocktails. Have a look at the food menu, and most of the time, deep fried snacks are the norm. Nuggets, fries, chicken wings and sausages; there’s no denying that these taste great when enjoyed with a round of booze, but should it be the be all and end all of our bar experience?

Not at AD Bar in Bangsar. Their signature cocktails might be what drew us in, but the bar’s new addition to the menu gives us one more reason to visit: unlimited flow of fresh sashimi and grilled sirloin beef — each paired with sake and wine respectively.

Pay them a visit on Mondays and Tuesdays, have a sit and just make a payment of RM88 and you’ll get heaping servings of fresh sashimi served with Raimon Isuke sake. Grilled sirloin beef is also available, paired with De Bortoli‘s Coopers Crossing or Cabernet Sauvignon. Both excellent in taste, but even better when paired with freshly torched beef slices right on the counter. You’ll get to enjoy this food pairing experience for two hours.

“We did not want to just go with normal snacks, hence, we made our food menu very unique and special by pairing it to all 12 of our signature cocktails,” said Sue, Co-Owner of AD Bar explained this new dining concept. “However, we still noticed that 80 percent of our customers, still prefer regular snack food over our food pairing option, but that’s not stopping us from producing better food menu for our customers.”

“This is one of the improvements we’ve made so far, and we believe we’ve taken this to another level when it comes to just bars serving regular bar snacks. We took 2 of the most loved food: salmon and beef, that you normally get at a high-end Japanese restaurant and steakhouse. But we made it more casual, converted it to a pairing with your alcohol and our customers love it,” she added.

Will bars start serving more than what you can easily get from fast food restaurants or convenient stores? Perhaps, with AD Bar’s latest promotion, we may see more bars plating up specially crafted meals.

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