One of the biggest burger trends of late is to go wild with toppings. Piling interesting ingredients with various textures, taste and flavour profiles make for a fun combination to capture people’s attention. Burgers with bold-coloured sauces and different add-ons also can get pretty messy – exactly how burgers are to be eaten.

This may have already angered food purists who insist on having their burgers the classic way; perfectly grilled beef patty, with cheese and sauce on toasted sesame buns. Perhaps that is the way to enjoy an authentic cheeseburger. But with a demanding crowd of hard-to-please gastronomes, serving a standard burger is no longer enough.

Look at the ‘nasi lemak burger’ craze that became a heated battle across the causeway. What started off in Singapore as a seasonal item on the McDonald’s menu, very quickly, turned into a gastronomic battleground: who does in better? Malaysian restaurants and cafes replied with their interpretation of a nasi lemak burger which some say is an opportune moment to make a headline. Gimmicks aside, the nasi lemak burger is actually rather delicious especially when paired with a well-cooked sambal.

Today, most cafes and restaurants are becoming even more creative in curating the kind of meal that would attract customers or photograph well, especially in the digital era. Typical round buns are dyed in hues of the rainbow or bedazzled with gold dust. Your cut fries are replaced with vegetable chips or infused with all kinds of exotic aromatics. And even the standard meat patty is combined with specialty ingredients for an extra depth in flavours.

Everyone would agree that the surge of gourmet burgers is becoming more apparent. Each restaurant has created a signature gourmet burger that every serious foodie should try at least once. Behold the best specialty burgers in town – creatively paired ingredients, unique flavours and come heavily recommended.

(Featured image: Red Kettle)