Shiso Dining will consist of five sections, each one boasting its own speciality.

While Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar has long been the go-to, popular restaurant in MiCasa All Suite Hotel – it is one of the older and enduring French restaurants in the city – Shiso Dining will be the perfect stop for those preferring a more casual dining experience than the former. It will share the same DNA as its sister restaurant Cilantro, while also having Chef Takashi overlook its overall food and beverage programme.

Shiso Dining comprises five sections: La Terrasse, Shiso, Mizukami Highball, Marché, and Vinifera. “La Terrasse has the same DNA as Cilantro, except that it has a more affordable price and a casual setting,” says Chef Takashi. Here, you can find dishes including Fricasée of Chicken with Morels, a slow-cooked roasted chicken with creamy morel sauce and shaved truffles. We particularly enjoyed the Baba au Rhum with Raisins Ice Cream too, a delightfully sophisticated yet delicious dessert of yeast cake soaked in rum syrup.

Its location within the dining area reflects its name — it’s situated in a terraced area overlooking the hotel’s poolside and feels like dining alfresco in a French bistro. Fortunately, everything is actually indoors and covered, so you get the same cool air as you would in the European outdoors too.

Shiso, on the other hand, focuses on Japanese casual dining. “I don’t want to call it a Japanese restaurant, because we don’t serve dishes like sashimi, tempura, or sushi,” explains Chef Takashi. “It’s Japanese cafe-inspired food like curry rice, sandwiches, pasta, and more.”

The chef is referring to the homely cafes one would find in the Japanese suburbs, serving up casual and comfortable meals with zero pretences. Led by Chef Adrian, Shiso is located in the general area of Shiso Dining in an equally comfortable setting.

For those looking to have a refreshing drink, you’ll want to head to this next section in Shiso Dining: Mizukami Highball, a bar inspired by izakayas in Japan specialising in highballs and classic cocktails. Led by Shawn Chong (previously of Omakase + Appreciate and Los Sombreros), this bar will serve up a curated range of highballs.

You have your classic Japanese whisky and soda highballs, but there are also other cocktails using the highball method, including the Tom Collins, Gin & Tonic, and more. After all, a highball simply means a cocktail comprising a base spirit with a non-alcoholic mixer that usually comprises a carbonated beverage. Refreshing and fizzy, it’s the perfect drink to have in our weather. Chong will also place an emphasis on well-made classic cocktails at Mizukami Highball. Don’t expect an off-the-menu drink here though. Unlike Chong’s time at Omakase + Appreciate, Mizukami Highball is all about the good old classics.

Then, we have the final two: Marché and Vinifera. The former is modelled after a gourmet market, where you can purchase ingredients that are actually used in Cilantro and La Terrasse. Here you’ll find artisanal oils, flor de sal salts, bread, jams, Italian tinned anchovies, and more. Meanwhile, at Vinifera, there’s a selection of bottled wines displayed, which are hand-selected by Cilantro’s chef sommelier, Guillaume Villien. Guests at Shiso Dining will be able to purchase these wines to have with their food.

Whether you’re visiting as a guest of the hotel or simply want to try out the cuisine at Shiso Dining, we’re certain you’re going to have a good time at this new establishment.

(All images: Shiso Dining)

Shiso Dining
MiCasa All Suite Hotel, Lobby Level, 368-B, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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